Sunday, June 28, 2009

Mercury in the solar 8th

Deathbed memories and other pleasantly wicked surprises.

Scenes from Brittney, France.

5:34 pm Sitting in a field, writing postcards, one frog talks to another, that talks to another, that talks to another...for ten minutes, it's a symphony of frogs.

8:03 p.m. Riding through the French countryside on squeaky bikes, happened upon hot bull on bull action. It's true, this country really is made of love.

11:15 p.m. After watching the late night sunset perched on bales of hay, walked home on a road that lead into a mini forest, pitch black and with no life in sight. A car then comes out of nowhere. We step aside, let it pass and keep walking. Suddenly, the car stops a small distance away, in the middle of the road. We pause, look and laugh about how it's like the beginning of a horror movie; then keep walking. Instantly, the car shifts into reverse, darting right at us. We scream, tearing off down the road, until the car stops--at least a minute later, a long minute later--and as the door pops open, laughter pours out, which even includes a grandma in her 80s cackling about...hee hee ha ha ho ho...driving home, we laughed all the way.