Thursday, July 31, 2014

Mercury Enters Leo

Turn It Up

Fire is in the sky today with Mercury, the fast-paced planet of communications, entering into the whacked and wild world of Leo -- the zodiac alpha, from head to toe. Yes, it's a transit that could burn you to a crisp. So, to detour from its doom and channel its beauty for power and gain, keep the following in mind:

7 Must Do's For A Successful Mercury In Leo
(July 27-August 15)
  1. Begin every sentence with, "I."
  2. Express yourself creatively and theatrically.
  3. Be obsessed with your hair.
  4. Think with your biggest balls.
  5. Flourishes are everything.
  6. Charge it.
  7. Let it ride.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

New Moon In Leo

Love, Exciting & New. Come Aboard, We're Expecting You

Sabrina (click link for entire streaming film.)

Friday, July 25, 2014

Mars Enters Scorpio

Welcome To The Dark Side

After 8 months of Mars in peace-loving, goody-goody Libra, finally, the universe shakes it up with Mars, the planet of ambition, sex and war, entering Scorpio, the sign of sex, death and transformation. 

From today until September 13th, there will be an all-or-nothing drive to everything that matters -- as in only seeing two options: do or die. Luckily, it'll mean easily knowing what truly matters. However, to make it yours, you will have to step closer to the edge, farther into your dark side. Not to say it is evil, but it will be intense, as it'll only be the two extremes of yourself: your inner demon and diva, that will have any say.

As for where these areas of metamorphosis will occur or where to best focus your energies into:
Aries: Selling your talents, fueling your sex life and holding tighter to secrets.
Taurus: Making commitments, finding the beauty in you and setting injustices right.
Gemini: Perfecting your body, reducing wastefulness and working well with others.
Cancer: Being a fool for love, expressing yourself creatively and being a star.
Leo: Setting down deeper foundations, dealing with family and bolstering your security.
Virgo: Learning about your neighbors, testing your intellect and enjoying your dirtier side.
Libra: Investing in your comfort, knowing how to enjoy life and reprioritizing your values.
Scorpio: Feeling invincible, conquering new turf and annihilating enemies.
Sagittarius: Using daydreams as your muse, healing and remembering.
Capricorn: Sharing your humanity, being inventive and soaring up a social ladder.
Aquarius: Gaining authority, experiencing career shifts and building on tradition.
Pisces: Becoming a citizen of
the world, feeding your spirituality and accepting the truth.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Saturn Goes Direct

Purpose, Power & Pizazz

Only 2.5 months left of this dastardly planet of discipline in unforgiving Scorpio!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Jupiter Enters Leo

Claim Your Superpower!

Our universe's largest and luckiest planet has just moved into one of the biggest signs of the zodiac at 6:30 AM EST! This means the dawning of a new era to celebrate harder, with more reckless abandon, more theatrics, more passion, glamour, creativity and generosity. 

Yes, today until August 11, 2015, be ready to discover your superpower and put it into play. You are your own star, hero and muse now, because this transit will make you feel your personal strength and excellence in a bolder, more open and loving way, because the changes it can bring are tangible.

Best part -- no one loses with this transit, as everybody gets a piece of its pie. Own it and it's yours. As for places to focus your energies and stake a bigger claim, it goes as such per sign (Don't forget to read your rising sign too, for double the the pleasure!):
Aries: You'll be feeling love straight from the heart, as romance, praise and the gift of 13 months of great hair days come for you. Finally, understanding your power in a way that makes you comfortable and happy. Hoorah!

Taurus: You'll be redefining your sense of security in a more flamboyant way, as in setting down roots in places you've only dreamt of. Home, family and new businesses are your gold now, indulge in all.

Gemini: Being a kiosk of info and brilliant ideas has been somehwhat thankless, until now. Yes, this is them time when when your words can save the world. Rewards for your genius will happen within this transit.

Cancer: Throwing around cash and being comfortable in your life, in a more material way will be your everything. Don't you worry your pretty little self either, as there will be more than enough to go around several times over! 
Leo: You're the lucky winner of the Midas Touch for the next 13 months. Anything you begin now will bring you victory. Pioneer onto new territory and you will find your Utopia.

Virgo: Major inheritances, chance winnings and dead-on intuition will be your superpower. Fortune of the mystical kind is yours now.

Libra: It's all about who you know, so don't just run with the elite, be it and run it. You can create new hierarchies now, as your power to hone communal spirit will be undeniable.

Scorpio: Lights, camera, action! Your star is rising and they'll be a rare few that won't know your name by the end of this Jupiter tour.  Get ready for the fans and the jealous haters, as
all forms of worship will be ecstacy.

Sagittarius: The world is your oyster, so swallow all the opportunities and adventures that arrive from all around the globe. Evolve everywhere.

Capricorn: Sex, drugs and rock-n-roll. Whatever fetish hides under your collar is your ticket to paradise -- explore the darker sides to your passions and flex your madness. It will bring something real to hold onto.

Aquarius: Say, "I do," to all that you love, because tying commitments tighter will be your happiest modus operandi. This coming period: two heads will always trump one.

Pisces: Feeling your purpose and oneness in your world will align now, as you'll directly see how others learn and are helped by you. This doesn't necessarily include a huge financial windfall, but priceless nonetheless.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Mercury Enters Cancer


My intern has a new dramatic video he created, narrated and starred in!
1.58 minutes of pure epicness!
To see more, subscribe to his You Tube channel: JacobYouTube!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Mercury Goes Direct In Gemini

Look Ahead!

With the pesky retrogrades of the entire year finally coming to a soft pause, this is the time to put plans into order for some paradise! From my blogpost from, Star Studded Vacation Ideas. How to make the most of your summer--as it actually is just starting now.

"Summer is here and it’s all about vacation. While you might not have the budget of a celebrity, you can still have the same kind of fun, as there is no limit to the fun or romance this season, if you plan right.

Fire Signs
Aries (Sarah Jessica-Parker)
Leo (Jennifer Lawrence)
Sagittarius (Brad Pitt)
This is your summer to be as quirky as you want to be, as you want to get to the party before everyone else gets there. Yes, you’re a trendsetter that likes to place your flag first and claim those bragging rights. Places left of center is your idea of fun: Beaches of Croatia, Casinos of Monaco or The Underwater Hotel of Dubai.

Air Signs
Gemini (Kanye West)
Libra (Kim Kardashian)
Aquarius (Ashton Kutcher)
This is your summer to learn and venture to places that hold a historical significance to the world or to you personally, like visiting your family’s homeland. However far and wide you wish to go, knowledge is what you’ll cherish most about what you experience, so go for the gusto and get deep. Ideas: Greece, Israel or Grand Canyon.

Water Signs
Cancer (Sofia Vergara)
Scorpio (Leonardo DiCaprio)
Pisces (Justin Bieber)
This is your summer for spiritual awakening, as its time to reboot your mind and body with a new understanding of yourself in this world. This will require going solo or with your honey, as less will be more now for you — in terms of energies you want to deal with. Places to visit: Nepal, Easter Island, or Teotihuacan, Mexico.

Earth Signs
Taurus (Cher)
Virgo (Beyoncé)
Capricorn (Kate Middleton)
This is your summer for enjoying beauty and going some place to take in stunning vistas and relax. If course, as an earth sign, you will also like to have a little physical challenge to get to the best — as in places that require hikes or some sort of adventure to get its paradise. Ideas: Alaska, Machu Picchu or Patagonia."