Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Mars Enters Leo

Unleash Your Inner Superstar!

Today, at 10:05 P.M. EST, Mars, the planet of sex, passion, and aggression will be settling into fiery, ego-driven Leo, which rules creativity, romance, and leadership. So, until October 15, expect a hotness to burn in your brain that won't let you do anything half-ass. Yes, good times. However, realize with every bonus, there is a minus, as in dealing with egotistical assholes at a higher rate too. Of course, who ever is left standing will be the winner, so prepare to make life grander by showing the world your inner superstar!

Yes, time to feel your power and embrace your showmanship, because this is the time of year when the universe wants you and nobody else to get into the driver's seat and steer your fate onto sunnier horizons, where all the world's possibilities will be there for you to pick and choose from. All you have to do is believe in it and then work it.

As for where this power will come in strongest in your life, it is as follows -- and don't forget to read your sun and rising, as both are always relevant for anything dealing with predictions!!!

Aries: As a fellow fire sign, you'll be feeling this transit in your confidence and your ability to move mountains. You thought you were a superior leader before, but with Mars in Leo you will be able to kick-ass in any direction you choose. Plus, good hair days will be plenty throughout this phase, so don't be scared to head to the salon and try something daring and new!

Taurus: Your home is your castle and this is when you can spread your territory out! Yes, moving or expanding is now -- and anything involving the people in that space with you is also beneficial, if you put all of the pieces of the puzzle together. So, don't get sedentary, because laying down foundations will take verve and creativity!

Gemini: Your brain will be on fire and it will be absorbing new thought and creative new ideas at record speed. However, all brains and no action will amount to nothing, so don't be short-sighted to let yourself run off in every which way, because having a definitive plan of action will matter. Remember potential is nothing without the humility to explore it.
Cancer: Thinking for the long term is your gold, and this is your time to forge ahead with financial commitments and put your money where your dreams are.Of course, nothing is a guaranteed, but the least you can do is go after your happiness, as that is the only way to gain the ultimate comfort and security you crave.

Leo: You can do no wrong and the universe is backing you up on that now. Just don't get too cocky and think that ruling the world is just about barking orders. No, it's your time to carry out justice in the highest form you know how. Be what you believe and others will follow. Your example is crucial to keeping all in line, so don't fuck it up!
Virgo: Your imagination will be working overtime and can drive you to seeing visions that can create beautiful masterpieces that can inspire the world for ages to come. Think of your talents as a way to show your compassion now, because it is within you to express yourself at a larger scale. Of course that will mean sacrifice, but trust it will be worth it. If not just for you, for the world.

Libra: People love you all the time, but in this phase, they'll be going nuts for you, giving you power and prestige. So, don't just bask in the glory of the worship. Use it to make wishes and dreams get into your reach, as it'll be now that you can cash in your karma. See that there is power in numbers and they'll all add up for you to succeed.

Scorpio: Fame and fortune is something you can handle, so don't shy away from the spotlight now, as all the work you've paid off will get acknowledgement. While it can get a bit out of control, don't sweat it when it comes to taking on too much, because if anyone can go beyond human strength now, it'll be you.

Sagittarius: You were born with a smile on your face and this week, you'll have the power to spread it all over the world. Yes, open yourself to international opportunities by way of forcing them open yourself or taking on something foreign that comes your way. Yes, sex, money, love, etc., whatever fuels your fires, let it be your passport to an adventure of a lifetime.

Capricorn: Your intensity can get deadly now, so be careful with whom you share your powers with and on what, because a little will go a long way -- and because of this, don't be too trusting with even those you do know well, as they might not have the insight to do as you want now. Detach yourself to see more and ultimately, you will gain more financially, mentally and spiritually.

Aquarius: Working in pairs will do wonders for your morale in many ways. Not only will you be able to cash in on two expertise, but it'll give you the confidence to know there is more than just you out there with such progressive ideas. So, if you need to seal any deals now, go for it, because there is no losing when you commit to a team.

Pisces: Your health is your wealth and although you want to take in all the excitement in your life now, you are going to have to prioritize. Sure, practicality has never been your strong suit, but so it life and this new direction you are taking and if you see there is logic to the universe, you'll see that luxury and longevity can be one in the same.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Moon In Taurus

It Feels So Good

Here we are, heading into the final week of the summer vacay time and Mars is entering Leo tomorrow, which means a final close out that will leave us all feeling a bit banged up, but in all the best ways (if you can help it). For tips to make your week as stylin as possible, click into Style By Sign, the most fun way to get your weekly horoscopes! Also, so easy and inspiring -- and less than 2 minutes of your life! What else can save you for just 2 minutes of your time? Anyway, this week, my fave video for purposes obvious to those who know is Scorpio!

As for how to Bite My Style:
My pink spades dress is from BB Dakota. I bought it very long ago at a surf shop in Ocean City, Maryland. I can't decided if I like it or hate it. It had a weird fit in some areas, but then a good fit in other. It's cute and all, and everyone seems to like it... Today, even my intern said when he watched my video said, "You look beautiful and I'm not just saying it. I'm saying it because it's true."

Yes, that little bundle of love is a Leo Rising and they do know how to lay on the charm...In fact, the dress I will be wearing for the Sept. 16th is something he told me I also looked beautiful in too. I wore it to pick him up from school. When he saw me, he didn't even say hi. He just went into, "You look beautiful." (Yeah, he's my favorite)

...And as for my jewelry, it's from the usual places: earrings from g-ma, charm bracelet from Archie McPhee Mystery Box I got from my friend Arion one year, my black cocktail ring is from Amsterdam and the necklace is from In God We Trust. Other things thrown into the series this week: the pink shoes I am holding as "my designer shoes" in Libra are from Amsterdam and my red satchel in Pisces is from Berlin's KaDeWe.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Mercury Enters Virgo

Time To Get It Straight

Virgo is all about making things matter and as the summer is coming to a fast end, now is the time to get back into the detail-orientated and result-minded way of life ....So, this week, it'll mean my attempt to post my favorite Style By Sign video of the week on time from now on and Bite My Style... Of course, this week is filled with so many cute, funny and unexpected delights, which makes all of them fun to watch and hard to pick a fave -- but it has to be Sag. Not only because it has my current favorite dress (the feather number I got on eBay), but because I remind myself of Jujubee (one of my fave Drag Queens and my choice of who could play me in a Lifetime biopic)...Anyway, as for my main look and how to:

Bite My Style: My cute Peter Pan collar dog-print dress, which I for some reason when I bought, I thought the red part was a hydrant. Anyway, it was too cute and whimsical to pass up and last year, when I bought this dress and two others at Think Closet (Mulberry St.), it was just what I needed, as there was something sucking all the hope out of me...That day, there was something inside me that made me feel hopeful again and my expression was shopping. I even got a discount from the shop-girl as an incentive to buy three dresses, which was just lovely, considering I know that all the stuff in the store is from Korea and I know how crazy their mark-ups are (like 300-400%)...but whatever, their stuff is cute and if it means buying the airfare for the dress to have come into the country, then so be it. Until then, I'll shop 'til I drop, as in buying cute clothes makes me need to have places to show them off....And as for the accessories I'm wearing this week, it's again all the same tricks I pull out every week, with slight variations.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Full Moon In Aquarius (The Blue Moon)

Jump Into The Future

JFK to LAX and back again, in 24 (well, 21 really) hours...There was fun, laughs, sweetness, surprise and suspense! From plane delays, a surprise wedding announcement, reunions and a hotel that looked like the place teen girls go to recover from an abortion. (However, the inside was alright, with a big and bouncy bed.) Oh, the glamour of it all!

Friday, August 16, 2013

Venus Enters Libra

Everything Is Coming Up Rosy

Venus entered Libra today, putting the planet of love, beauty and pleasure into its natural position. Time for swooning and spooning! So love it as your creative muse and and express it!

My latest:
A five-day odyssey with one of my favorite boy/girl. Shlomi and Mazy Mazeltov and me hit Amsterdam and it just happen to be pride week. Weeeheee, the perfect adventure! (Minus the AirBnB experience, which included walking in and seeing a stray cat chilling on the bed, a toilet plunger in the shower and being asked to take out her garbage -- a person I paid way more money to than the place was worth....and that was just a few of the things that grossed me out.)

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Mercury Enters Leo

Take Creative License

Hola! Hola! Yes, it's that time of year when Mercury goes into Leo and it's all about setting your brain into a more egotistical mode. If this means posting something already late on the wrong date, then do it, as it's all about taking creative licenses to do as you wish.

Anyway, these are our first since we all got back from our respective holidays 48 hours prior. I slept for a day after returning (not even kidding), so I was ready to hop back into saddle, complete with a new dress I bought in Amsterdam, during gay pride -- a nautical theme dress (you can't see the cute anchor on the pocket below, but it's cute). I was inspired by the canal parade (movable porn) and the festive mood of the city. It was amazing (slideshow to come), one giant party! Even the Bank of The Netherlands replaced the country flag with a rainbow one on top of their headquarters.

I was with my amazing friend Mazy MazelTov and she was quite the sensation!!! ...but more on that later.... Until then, this week's series is chock-full-of-cute-moments. My favorite is Virgo -- as I get to live out my fantasy as a twin. (Although I am playing best friends that dress alike in the video.)

As to Bite My Style:
Yes, the cute dress is from somewhere in Amsterdam... Wilma Flintstone necklace is of course the ones from my friend Mina, my earrings are my grandmother's, as is the red scarf I wore as a headband. I wanted to wear it as a neck scarf, to complete the nautical theme, but Jeffrey, my producer, thought it was too sock-hop and overrode it. :( I love him anyway...I barely remember what else was happening, I think I wore a bracelet from my friend Tina's Sangeet, some new stackable rings from Amsterdam (a red bow and a sparkly number) and my Scorpio Glyph ring in gold from MarieKDesigns on Etsy. Marie was so sweet. I originally got sent a silver one, but when she realized the order was wrong, she sent me a gold one and told me to keep the silver. Awww...Can't wait to get the Gemini one, so I can have all my main signs adorning me! Yes, I'm whore for astro jewelry!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

New Moon In Leo

Look For The Spotlight And Assume The Position

Part two of our shooting marathon:
Bite My Style
I love my red denim Dickies dress, which I scored on eBay! I auctioned my ass off for it and it became mine!!! Weee.... To dress it up, I paired it with the same rings and necklace from July 29's week, but switched the earrings to gold hoops and my bracelets for a leather strap I got in Istanbul, at a store called Hotic and added flair to my hair with the red polka dot wire headband I got somewhere in Tel Aviv. I have to say the headband is brilliant, why they are not sold on every street corner in NYC, I don't know. The wire inside is lightweight and allows easy tightening or options in whether to have an antennae or not. (I always prefer to have the antennae.)...Anyway, I was hating myself that I didn't load up on more headbands, in every color. So, I had to have my friend send me more... However, it's the polka dot red one I always use...As for my shoes, my Marc Jacob white clogs worked overtime...