Monday, September 22, 2014

Sun Enters Libra: The Autumn Equinox

Turn, Turn, Turn....

7 is the number of heaven, which is also the number of Libra, which just happens to be where the sun  slipped into today, kicking off autumn with the equinox. Besides pulling out the sweaters and gloves, Libra is a transit that deals with beauty, balance and commitment. It’s about pacing yourself and setting the right ambiance for the long haul — as now is the season of transition.  To hone this smooth energy best, here are 7 practices to complete as much as possible until October 23:

1.     Pamper Yourself. As a sign ruled by Venus, Libra is the beauty aspect and to honor, it’ll mean logging in the time at the salon, spa and stores. Feeling your best will mean looking your best.
2.     Sign On The Dotted Line. Whatever loose ends you have, in terms of relationship in love or business, make it stick. Sign a contract or make an investment into who and what you believe in. This is when equality and fairness matter.
3.     Confess. Whatever lies you’ve told or things you’ve not shared justly, confess it. If you don’t need to come clean, then it’ll mean giving forgiveness to someone willing to acknowledge their wrongs.
4.     Host A Party. Libras are social creatures that live for good times. Host an event with a dress code, like a theme party, as group efforts are also what you’ll thrive on now.
5.     Support An Art. This could mean buying art or treating yourself to box seats at the opera. Whichever cultural affair piques your interest, dive in with your wallet first.
6.   Meditate Getting the world to shut up around you and find your center is what Libra is all about. As the sign of balance, it's all about sorting out all your pluses and minuses.
7.   Practice Diplomacy Compromise doesn't have to be a dirty word, as the laws of the cosmos are out for everyone to get a little bit of something in their favor. if you work at it hard enough, you'll see that diplomacy is something you are capable of and can make you better for it....Or until Sun hits Scorpio..

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Mars Enters Sagittarius


Mars in Sagittarius is a BIG energy. It's masculine, unyielding, spontaneous, adventurous, proud and competitive. There are many ways this power can move mountains and make the impossible happen. In fact, even when there seems like no hope, Mars in Sagittarius is that power that can pull out those glimmers of possibility and grow a kingdom. 

The downfall: Mars in Sagittarius is not  an easy energy to control, because like a wild horse that isn't looking to be broken, it does take a strong hand in guiding this strength in the right direction and into proper channels. So, despite the visions, hope, gallantry, intelligence and determination that can overcome you now, realize this transit that is happening until October 26, can also blind you and cause you to crash. To wield properly, it'll mean taking on a disciplined system of of checks and balances, in which gratitude, balance, patience, humility and preparation are blended into the mix.

As for places to push and pull the power:
Aries: Truth, Exploration and Idealism.
Taurus: Sex, Power and Money.
Gemini: Commitment, Justice and Peace.
Responsibility, Efficiency and Service.
Leo: Romance, Risk and Creativity.
Virgo: Family, Security and Foundations.
Libra: Communication, Learning and Connecting.
Scorpio: Comfort, Money and Long-Term Goals.
Sagittarius: Initiating, Pioneering and Ruling.
Capricorn: Dreaming, Caring and Sacrificing.
Aquarius: Sharing, Innovating and Socializing.
Pisces: Ambition, Reputation and Authority.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Full Moon In Pisces

Time For Ritual

A full moon is always an occasion to break out your most superstitious hippie, which means doing something to make yourself feel empowered, renewed, centered, at peace--aka a ritual. In Pisces, it means taking it to the next level, as Pisces is a sign that deals with legacy, escape, vice, intuition, institutions, prisons, romance, imagination, etc. To mark this transit, here are some ideas in which you can feel as if you are becoming deeper into being one with everything.
  • Dunk yourself into a body of water. A spiritual baptism of sorts, in anyway you believe you need to be cleansed and reemerged. The ocean is idea, but even a hot tub will do, as Pisces is also the sign of sleep and anything that can promote it is bonsai.
  • Go to bed early, wake up late. Yes, it's the sign of sleep and giving many hours over to dreaming will be special -- as prophetic dreams are now and getting celestial messages can happen. It's even easier than texting and can be more intense than even Skype.
  • Give up or indulge in your favorite vice and escape for the norm. If you normally do whatever too much, time to swing it the other way around and stop. If you don't go wild often, it's horrible and you must drop and roll into an altered reality now. Since Pisces are symbolized by the fish swimming in opposite directions, it's all about 180s now.
  • Dance! Move, groove, get up on your feet! Pisces rules dance, so go out and trip the light fantastic or go at it in your bedroom mirror. Either or, it'll help release demons. 
  • Pamper your feet! Buy a new pair(s) of shoes, wear your fanciest ones or get your favorite polished up. This is time to put the emphasis on your feet, as they are the ruled by Pisces and the foundation to your health. It is said that most lower back issues start at the feet---so treat yourself to something nice: flashier kicks, a foot massage, cashmere socks--you get the gist.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Venus Enters Virgo

Making It Happen

When efficiency marries pleasure, list making becomes a finer moment. No, not the sexiest sounding scenario, until you stir in the imagination. Yes, set goals and accomplish them. Do it in and out, just how you love it and life will be perfection!

As for places per sign on what to take inventory of:
Aries:  Your body. Give yourself 10 physical challenges: sexual or not.
Taurus: Your creativity. Make 10 pieces of art or craft.
Gemini: Your home. Make 10 improvements.
Cancer: Your community. Go to 10 places in your hood, to support the local economy.
Leo: Your pleasure. Buy yourself 10 new things that will last you forever (ish).
Virgo: Your courage. List 10 fears you have and confront each of them. 
Libra: Your psyche.  Write 10 things that weigh heavy in your life, why, etc. and then burn.
Scorpio: Your humanity. Do 10 good deeds anonymously.
Sagittarius: Your career. Reach out to 10 peers or mentors to talk shop.
Capricorn: Your inspiration. Read the 3 books you'd bring to a desert island, buy 7 more for friends.
Aquarius: Your sex life. Try 10 new sex tricks: positions, people, places, toys, etc.
Pisces: Your partnerships. Have 10 dates with your honey to create memories.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Mercury Enters Libra

1+1 = Done

Summer's official end is now, with school bells ringing and new deadlines looming. However, instead of diving deep into the doldrums, the universe is sweetly helping reduce this painful transition with Mercury in calming Libra at 1:38 am today until September 27th. This means no need for concerns, as this time is when worry is just another 5-letter word. To make the most of this transit, follow these 5 basic rules:

1.     Relax. Libra is an air sign that moves life organically along at a moderate pace. There's no sense in rushing to get you where you’re going, because speed won’t matter now. Easy breezy thinking is a prerequisite for success. So, inhale and exhale.
2.     Cultural Stimulation. Ruled by Venus, Libra is in charge of culture and beauty. Anything from spending more afternoons at museums, getting tickets to a play or dating a musician will tune you into the power of art as muse.
3.     Team Up.
By nature of this partnership sign, best to bounce thoughts off another or work with someone on projects, because 2 heads will be luckier than 1 now.
4.     Manners Matter.
Elegance is a hallmark of the Librian way of life and playing fair and being kind is law, as karma will be fast to smack you back down now if you don’t.
5.     Demand Diplomacy
Being nice doesn’t mean being a pushover. Be willing to defend yourself and what you believe when necessary. Fairness will win out.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Sun Enters Virgo

Read The Fine Print

Summer is winding down when Virgo hits the scene, shifting the energy from festive and fun to work and efficiency. Yes, Virgo is not a sign that wastes a cent or a second, as it marks the harvest season and results mean survival. As the last transit before hibernation time begins, there is no room for error. To make the most of this energy, here are the 5 Golden Rules to making Sun in Virgo work best for you:
  1.  Give. Virgo is the sign of service and helping others will not only benefit your soul, but also your bottom line. Teamwork provides maximum efficiency in getting goals met, so extend your hand and be part of your community. If you way of giving is going out to be a ho, then so be it.
  2.  Healthy Living. As the sign that rules health, this is the best time to start new exercise routines, go for a cleanse, have a spa day and/or take on better eating habits--including extra doses of protein.
  3. Research. Virgo is a sign ruled by Mercury, which gives an intellectual edge for numbers, analyzing and learning. This means reading the find print and being able to spot opportunities in obscure places. If this goes into the lines of obsession, well, be thorough.
  4. Make technology your friend. Virgos always love an intellectual challenge, which technology delivers, as it’s an ongoing chase of cat and mouse. After all, an easier life at the push of a few pushes is what Virgo craves.
  5. Relax. Anxiety is an energy that plagues a Virgo transit, as it's also the ruler of perfection. So, keep in mind that having it all also means being able to enjoy the efforts you’ve put out and to not spend your days judging yourself negatively. Love. 

Friday, August 15, 2014

Mercury Enters Virgo

Think Again.

Mercury comes home in Virgo, the same with it's spazzy cousin, Gemini. Yes, it's a planet of double duty.  While Gemini in Mercury runs on concepts, Virgo deals with factual and analytical methods of thought. So, what to do to sharpen your brain for this transit’s maximum power?  7 must-do's:

1.     Feed your brain. Read and research. Your intellectual power to absorb new ideas will be strong. Sign up for a class, join a book club, enter a new realm of thought.
2.     Reevaluate routines. Look for shortcuts on your commute and other ways to streamlined life.Wasteful habits will end now.
3.     Virgo is the ruler of health, making it the best and luckiest time to make sure all is going as it should. Rid yourself of the hypochondria, at the least. 
4.     Summer cleaning! Your brain will be in edit mode, so if there is any time to clear the clutter from your life, it’s now.
5.   Hang with the animals you love. Virgo is the sign of pets and will bestow powerful bonding moments you can will learn from.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Venus Enters Leo


Venus In Leo 5 Must Do’s
Summer is in burning bright with the Sun, Mercury and Jupiter all in Leo --  now getting even more brilliant with Venus, the pleasure planet, stepping onto the red carpet zone of Leo until September 25, creating a starry stellium (4 or more planets in one sign) of glamour, glitz and excess, as the lifestyle planet in the flashiest sign will demand nothing less than top shelf living. As for must do’s of making the most of this powerhouse energy:

1.     Sun! Get outside, BBQ, hang at the beach and love the rays. This is the time when being under the sun will boost your vitamin D levels to beyond happy.
2.     Sing! If karaoke isn’t your thing or auditioning for your local theatre company, then go to performances, as Leo is its ruler. Good times are a guarantee.
3.     Party! Host a gathering and introduce friends to other friends, as this is your time to sit at the head of the table and rule your scene.
4.     Hair! As the ruler of hair, this is your luckiest time to try a new do or show off yours in a grander way —as it’ll be your best crowning glory now.
5.     Romance! This is the sign of love. Ask someone you’re crushing on out or make a special date with your boo. Whichever your desire, it’ll be special.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Mercury Enters Leo

Turn It Up

Fire is in the sky today with Mercury, the fast-paced planet of communications, entering into the whacked and wild world of Leo -- the zodiac alpha, from head to toe. Yes, it's a transit that could burn you to a crisp. So, to detour from its doom and channel its beauty for power and gain, keep the following in mind:

7 Must Do's For A Successful Mercury In Leo
(July 27-August 15)
  1. Begin every sentence with, "I."
  2. Express yourself creatively and theatrically.
  3. Be obsessed with your hair.
  4. Think with your biggest balls.
  5. Flourishes are everything.
  6. Charge it.
  7. Let it ride.

Saturday, July 26, 2014