Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Saturn Enters Sagittarius

Deal With It
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With just one day to celebrate Saturn leaving Scorpio, it's now time to get to the business of Saturn in Sagittarius. This is the start of an idealism typhoon being unleashed and having to sift though the winds to find something you can hold onto. This doesn't mean you can't dream a bigger dream, but that you have to be truthful and know what to trust. Yes, walking into this latest Saturn storm will require real stealth and perseverance -- lessons you should of perfected during Saturn in Scorpio -- because with it, you'll be able to reclaim your truest and highest principles of freedom, spirituality and openness. You'll have until Dec. 19, 2017, to make it be everything you want it to be. Good luck. Trust the odds are always in your favor.

Aries: Be ready to get more cosmopolitan in your approach to living, as the world will open up in a bigger way and make offers to you that will test your philosophies and your sense of personal honesty.

Taurus: Sharing is caring, but drawing boundaries with those your love will come into question now, as in the power dynamics of your life will go under siege.

Gemini: What is right and what you do to uphold those ideals will be your fight for now. It's not just about justice, but harmony, commitment and partnership too.

Cancer: Having healthier approaches to the world around you will take you onto a higher ground. Unfortunately, this one-way ticket to paradise comes with much turbulence.

Leo: Using your confidence for the greater good and being able to feed your ego is a delicate balance, but if you aim for it, you'll see the army you want to form all around you and with it: the ability to conquer all.

Virgo: Climb into those new areas in your brain, to forge the foundations you want. Harder, quicker and stronger is it. Trust your path, because a new journey will begin and being decisive will be everything in making it heaven or hell.

Libra: Be fast to learn and be fearless when bigger intellectual obstacles confront you. Not that you have to get cocky, but if you want to be able to back yourself up, go that extra step when faced with giant leaps.

Scorpio: Breaking glass ceilings are your specialty, but so is disappearing into thin air. Now, time when all of your talents can easily roll up into one and work for you. 

Sagittarius: You have an interesting brand of sorcery that never fails to lose, but now, with more than winning at stake, recreating yourself will have double times the amount of pleasure and pain. Let the die roll.

Capricorn: Your spiritual connection to the world is going to expand. Creative rushes and compassion will pull you in new directions. Be fluid in decisions, because evolution is your word.

Aquarius: The hippie-dippiness will get too big to ignore, as your ability to connect the dots will get stronger and brighter. Just don't get blinded by the light. 

Pisces: Being consistent is everything, as a new marathon begins. Pacing yourself will be necessary, as it's the only way to get to your destination in one piece.