Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Saturn Enters Sagittarius

Deal With It
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With just one day to celebrate Saturn leaving Scorpio, it's now time to get to the business of Saturn in Sagittarius. This is the start of an idealism typhoon being unleashed and having to sift though the winds to find something you can hold onto. This doesn't mean you can't dream a bigger dream, but that you have to be truthful and know what to trust. Yes, walking into this latest Saturn storm will require real stealth and perseverance -- lessons you should of perfected during Saturn in Scorpio -- because with it, you'll be able to reclaim your truest and highest principles of freedom, spirituality and openness. You'll have until Dec. 19, 2017, to make it be everything you want it to be. Good luck. Trust the odds are always in your favor.

Aries: Be ready to get more cosmopolitan in your approach to living, as the world will open up in a bigger way and make offers to you that will test your philosophies and your sense of personal honesty.

Taurus: Sharing is caring, but drawing boundaries with those your love will come into question now, as in the power dynamics of your life will go under siege.

Gemini: What is right and what you do to uphold those ideals will be your fight for now. It's not just about justice, but harmony, commitment and partnership too.

Cancer: Having healthier approaches to the world around you will take you onto a higher ground. Unfortunately, this one-way ticket to paradise comes with much turbulence.

Leo: Using your confidence for the greater good and being able to feed your ego is a delicate balance, but if you aim for it, you'll see the army you want to form all around you and with it: the ability to conquer all.

Virgo: Climb into those new areas in your brain, to forge the foundations you want. Harder, quicker and stronger is it. Trust your path, because a new journey will begin and being decisive will be everything in making it heaven or hell.

Libra: Be fast to learn and be fearless when bigger intellectual obstacles confront you. Not that you have to get cocky, but if you want to be able to back yourself up, go that extra step when faced with giant leaps.

Scorpio: Breaking glass ceilings are your specialty, but so is disappearing into thin air. Now, time when all of your talents can easily roll up into one and work for you. 

Sagittarius: You have an interesting brand of sorcery that never fails to lose, but now, with more than winning at stake, recreating yourself will have double times the amount of pleasure and pain. Let the die roll.

Capricorn: Your spiritual connection to the world is going to expand. Creative rushes and compassion will pull you in new directions. Be fluid in decisions, because evolution is your word.

Aquarius: The hippie-dippiness will get too big to ignore, as your ability to connect the dots will get stronger and brighter. Just don't get blinded by the light. 

Pisces: Being consistent is everything, as a new marathon begins. Pacing yourself will be necessary, as it's the only way to get to your destination in one piece.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

New Moon In Capricorn

Spread Knowledge

Seasonal discomfort is here, but relief is on its way! Yippee, yahoo for the upcoming Saturn transit from Scorpio to Sagittarius! As it stands, Saturn is not a planet that believes in ease. It’s about work, structure and paying your dues. Since October 5, 2012, it’s been in Scorpio and finally on Dec. 23 at 11:34pm EST, it will leave this difficult placement that was out to challenge power, sex, money and one’s own depth of soul. The heart-warming news is that at every Saturn cycle completion will come a reward, like a celebratory cosmic gift, in the same area that was under siege. So, as the season of giving hits its peak, know even the universe will in a more generous mood with a little something-something (read both your Sun and Rising sign too):

Aries: Getting money for your talents.
Taurus: A long-standing dispute will end.
Gemini: Health stresses ease up.
Cancer: Bursts of creative genius and courage arrive.
Leo: Family as your rock will have its possibilities.
Virgo: An intellectual reward, like graduation, scholarship or discovering a new skill is likely.
Libra: Stability in the material sense gets easier to manage.
Scorpio: Auspicious new beginnings.
Sagittarius: Gaining an inheritance, not necessarily a material one.
Capricorn: Luck in knowing who you know. Making money with friends.
Aquarius: A career coup is underway.
Pisces: An overseas opportunity will appear or one that deals with a culturally and spiritually enriching experience. 

Note: It doesn't have to be this exact day in which something monumental happens. It could be days to and fro this one, as it's a culmination of that energy and it could be spread out from this time. 

Sun Enters Capricorn: The Winter Solstice

Light it Up

No matter what you’re celebrating this time of year, having an excuse to kiss the one you love, like or lust-for is a bonus. So, hoorah for the mistletoe! As for nabbing who you want under it, here is what you can expect per sign:
Will want to initiate and lead, which means they’ll be dominant and intense. 
Taurus: Epically sensual. It’ll make you want more.  
Gemini: Short, sweet and spontaneous, with a bit of awkward playfulness. 
Cancer: Aggressive or affectionate. 
Leo: Knee-meltingly romantic. They always kiss, as if they’re madly in love.  
Virgo: They let you set the vibe and then follow. 
Libra: Elegant and likely not to go beyond rated PG. No tongue, but will have emotion in it.  
Scorpio: If people are in the room, a peck on the lips. If alone, it’ll end up with you both naked. 
Sagittarius: Get right to the action, as in groping will also be involved. 
Capricorn: Will appear sarcastic on the outside, but will provide a classy kiss that is passionate, but not over the top. 
Aquarius: Semi-aloof, as in don’t expect affection or any other PDA with it.  
Pisces: An all-consuming moment of magic to lock lips, hearts and souls.

Uranus Goes Direct In Aries

Turn your head for a minute and....
She was used up fast.

Strange winds will be blowing again, in new and sporadic patterns that will move you ahead into trying new methodologies towards your identity,  your status, your aggression and what you are willing to put up with for the whole of humanity. 
Oh yes, it's all about you and making your own rules, as this is a planet that will be by your side for those powerful experiments and explorations.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Venus Enters Capricorn

The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get 

As the holiday season warms hearts, in comes Venus into Capricorn to put a chill back into the wintry air and stir the pot. No, not the most pleasant place for this pleasure-seeking planet, as this disciplined, harsh and authoritative influence will make everyone harder to please. To circumvent this energy and make it work for you, here are 5 foolproof sex tips to get your goat smiling every time.

·      Going into one’s psyche, to see what makes it tick is a Capricorn trait — as they are the sign of structure. When it comes to sex, this means taking power via ropes, blindfolds and perhaps a whip. Yes, go beyond those basic shades of gray.
·      As the sign of status, showing your baby how much you love them through your wallet is a surefire way to get their libido pumping. No, money can’t buy you love, but during this transit, it will buy you mind-blowing sex.
·      Forget the PDA with your baby when you are out, as playing hard to get and leaving your passion to be unleashed behind closed doors is your best foreplay tip. Just a little coldness will go a long way now.
·      Go for positions like doggy style, reverse cowgirl, or crisscross now. Avoiding eye contact will make it easier to get off, as it’s less about the emotion and more about the techniques.  
·      As for turning on your baby through style, it won’t be sexy lingerie, but what you will wear on top of it. Military styles, crispy lines and formal business attire with the lace and silk underneath will be the perfect order in how your baby will want to peel you naked now.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Mars Enters Aquarius

Perversion Trumps All

From today until January 12, 2015, your impulses will be veering to the left, as your brain and libido go haywire in a trippy way, with emotions detaching and new mental planes opening up. Yes, it’s a dawning of a new age — the transit of Mars into Aquarius, when wanting to explore theories, study humanity and create a new revolution is put on the agenda. Of course, in Mars style, it’ll also mean a sexual energy that ignites the more innovative side of you. So, to cue into that brilliance and power, realize getting your rocks off in high style will be a prerequisite to your motivation and for each sign, there are likely places to find their g-spot:

Aries: Technological sex — as in through the computer or with the latest sex gadgets, as it’ll be your geekier side that’ll want release too.
Taurus: Hitting up historical places will fuel your passions, as there will be something about ghosts past that won’t let you stop.
Gemini: Be in nature and get your grizzly-bear-love on, because it’s the smell of the forest or the scent of the sea spray that will drive you crazy now.
Cancer: Dark and scary will have an element of interest for you now, as in trying out a dangerous fetish or sneaking into a closet during a holiday party. Either or, a rush will come.
Leo: A good date is going to be necessary for you to drop your draws, even if you’ve been with your baby for 100 years. Yes, there will be something to classic courting now.
Virgo: Hit the gym with your baby or plan a workout together, because the pheromones will be intoxicating, as sweaty sex will be your ideal sex.
Libra: Going at it somewhere you may attract voyeurs will be your sort of sexy. Who knew the feel of having so many eyes on you could feel so good?
Scorpio: A place related to your career, like your office or in the boardroom, will be the power surge your ego and libido will be yearning for.
Sagittarius: Phone sex and getting a good tease is essential to your full satisfaction. When it comes to the foreplay, it’ll start with a hit of “send.” 
You’ll be feeling oddly more normal, in terms of your libido and not having to go far will be how you want it — as in the home court advantage of your bed.
Aquarius: You’ll be horny everywhere you go now, as your brain, body and spirit will be feeling a cosmic hype and making you at your most unpredictable. Mark your territory in new places.
Pisces: Returning to a location that has good sexual juju for you will work again. Believe that lighting can strike twice.