Friday, May 31, 2013

Mars Enters Gemini

Get Ahead Of Yourself
I'm too excited for words to see the upcoming Style By Sign! I even got to play Amanda Bynes this week for Aquarius! Anywhoo, as for Bite My Style, here is goes: red beret headband was bought on ebay--after I saw ones at a flea market, but knew it was way up-marked, as I knew where they were from. So, I went right to the source to get mine -- Korea. Plus, I wanted a red one....Pearl earrings are from my grandmother's insanely fun collection of costume jewelry (She designed costume jewelry in the 60s!); my "pearl," necklace was a B-day gift from my friend Mina from ages ago, white top from American Apparel, black dress from Castro in Tel Aviv, bangles were a gift from my friend Ingrid and my pink bow belt is Ted Baker. Below The Belt: Red Kali Wedges from Melissa.

Mercury Enters Cancer

Ingest The Sap

Crystal Heart
(1986) Tawny Kitaen plays a pop star that winds up dating a boy in a bubble. Too good to be bad!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Venus & Jupiter Align In Gemini

Feel Good News

Yeaaah, today my new web-series Style By Sign debuted on fashion channel, Look TV, on youtube! To see your sign: 


Bite My Style
As for my look this premiere week, from head to down below, here is how it goes: The lovely black rose fascinator is from DollsvilleNYC, all hand made by a fab NYC lady named Laura. I got mine at a party I was at one night at Poisson Rouge. Laura has a table full of cuteness and I bought two fascinators, this one and a pink flamingo, which I wore to a campground wedding that summer....My dress boasts the title of most inexpensive new dress ever--$6!

I got it in Istanbul, in this odd section of town, in a weird store that looked more like a basement than a place of business. I liked the collar and for $6, it was destiny (that was a price that was negotiated, as that was all I had in my wallet at the time). Although it took 3 washes to get the cigarette smell out, it's a dress that a lot of people seem to love. Who would of known $6 could buy my so much admiration? ...and because I am a bit fatter than when I bought this dress, I slipped this skirt over it. It's a Betsey Johnson skirt that I learned later was named Teen Vogue, which was funny because I bought it for myself after I got my Teen Vogue contract renewed.

As for the accessories, the black tie ring on my right hand is one of a pair I got at Pylones; the pyramid ring is from Patricia Fields; the Scorpio plate necklace is from somewhere in Williamsberg, Brooklyn--purchased while I was staying there post Hurricane Sandy, since my electricity was out in the L.E.S.; the bangles are from my friend Tina's Sangeet that I attended last summer and the leather strap bracelet is from Hotic in Istanbul--a normal store....Until next time...

Below The Belt:
Shoes: Nine West's Lizzie bought at first pair of Nine West shoes ever, as I always thought of them as shoes of a middle-aged middle management lady, but seems I am wrong. These shoes are the cutest things ever and once I saw them, I had to have them....although it took me ages to decided which color to get, as it also came in light pink and nude.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Sun Enters Gemini


Hey Y'all, today was a major day! In fabulous eclipse fashion, I got a call during the new moon eclipse in Taurus by the fab people at Bedrocket, wanting to see about moi hosting their weekly fashion-centric horoscope show for their style channel, LOOK TV...this lead to that and hoorah, today we filmed our first show!!!!

So, here is a sneak peak of what I looked like for our first show...and along with the weekly segments, I'll also be keeping up on my blog info on what I was wearing in posts call, "Bite My Style," and "Below The Belt," as you'll only see me from the waist up, but it's no excuse to avoid camera time for an entire outfit....So, stay tuned for more info...

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mercury Enters Gemini

Bigmouth Strikes Again

Mercury is heading home into Gemini today, at 4:41p.m. EST, which will light up all your communication lines with ideas, gossip, scandal and interesting facts. Learning, thinking, talking and exploring are going to be be big themes now, and the faster you can jump onto what makes you tick, the better, as this is a sign that lives to love it and learn it, as multi-tasking is its hallmark!

As Per Sign Where The Greatest Influx Of Jabber Will Come In About:
Aries: All your general curiosities about your community.
Taurus: Insider info about all things long-term.
Gemini: Everything.
Cancer: Flashbacks, as all that is old will be what makes you feel new.
Leo: Friend's skeletons will be popping out all over.
Virgo: Listen for the cues, as to which ladders to climb now.
Libra: Long-distance communications will grant you happiness.
Scorpio: Mysteries get solved now.
Sagittarius: Commit yourself to line up your ducks.
Capricorn: Practice makes perfect. Pay heed to info that gets repeated over and over.
Aquarius: There is truth in wine; party down and drink up.
Pisces: Those closest to you know you best, ask away.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

New Moon Solar Eclipse In Taurus


Salvation is coming and it'll end with a big thud, as in a solid mass of miracles flying from out of nowhere, out to find you and transport you onto a new path. Under this Solar New Moon Eclipse in Taurus, it's all about new beginnings and solid foundations. So, pay attention to opportunities that pop up, especially is you are a Taurus born in the middle of your birth-sign or a Virgo or a Capricorn. You three will be the biggest winners, in line for this lucky aspect.  Next up are the water signs, especially Scorpios born in the middle of their sign, then Pisces and Cancer. Not that the other signs will be missing out, but you are just not in front of the priority line at this cosmic kitchen. Don't worry, everyone will get their day.

As for the areas per sign in which this aspect will touch and speed up a new direction, it is as follows:
Aries: Money
Taurus: A Wild Card of Luck
Gemini: Psychological Breakthroughs
Cancer: Networks
Leo: Career
Virgo: Adventure
Libra: Commissions
Scorpio: Contracts
Sagittarius: Responsibilities
Capricorn: Love
Aquarius: Home
Pisces: Community

Venus Enters Gemini

'Tis the season for double-fisting.

Today, at 11:03 am EST marks the time when you'll need to grab all you can, as in double-fisting the concoction of pleasure, fun and magic in the air.

Yes, until June 2 you'll have the flirty and quirky energy of Gemini at the control tower for the planet of love. This means A.D.D. brain wanderings and moving from one inspiration to the next, creating a pace that will build momentum.

Up's and down's will be plenty, stimulating you way beyond what you can control -- at times, anyway. So, buckle up and lunge forward, as you won't rest until you get enough.

Per sign areas of increased excitement:
Aries: Flirty conversations will bring you over the edge.
Taurus: Indulgence is grand. Learn how the other half lives.
Gemini: The reigns of the universe are in your hands.
Cancer: Give yourself over to your imagination, and let the karma guide you.
Leo: Confront your selflessness for your best release.
Virgo: All eyes are on you, adore being adored.
Libra: Spontaneity and spirituality are your aphrodisiacs now.
Scorpio: It'll be what is happening behind the scenes that will matter the most now.
Sagittarius: Pieces of the puzzle will find its way together naturally and beautifully.
Capricorn: Office romance is just another way to multi-task.
Aquarius: Finally, action that get all others wanting to be you. Satisfaction.
Pisces: Security now will go much deeper than just cash.

P.S. This is a link to a past post on Venus in Gemini, as there are words to express this cycle:

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Mercury Enters Taurus

Still Would Stand All Time

For two weeks, we'll be under the haze of Mercury in Taurus, which has its good points and its bad. Firstly, a Mercury transit usually takes 3 weeks minimum, but working at such a sluggish speed, it will feel like a month before Mercury moves home into Gemini. However, getting just a taste of this delicious and sensual vibe does have its rewards. So, until next time, focus your brain on strength, love and comfort.