Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mercury Enters Gemini

Bigmouth Strikes Again

Mercury is heading home into Gemini today, at 4:41p.m. EST, which will light up all your communication lines with ideas, gossip, scandal and interesting facts. Learning, thinking, talking and exploring are going to be be big themes now, and the faster you can jump onto what makes you tick, the better, as this is a sign that lives to love it and learn it, as multi-tasking is its hallmark!

As Per Sign Where The Greatest Influx Of Jabber Will Come In About:
Aries: All your general curiosities about your community.
Taurus: Insider info about all things long-term.
Gemini: Everything.
Cancer: Flashbacks, as all that is old will be what makes you feel new.
Leo: Friend's skeletons will be popping out all over.
Virgo: Listen for the cues, as to which ladders to climb now.
Libra: Long-distance communications will grant you happiness.
Scorpio: Mysteries get solved now.
Sagittarius: Commit yourself to line up your ducks.
Capricorn: Practice makes perfect. Pay heed to info that gets repeated over and over.
Aquarius: There is truth in wine; party down and drink up.
Pisces: Those closest to you know you best, ask away.