Friday, May 31, 2013

Mars Enters Gemini

Get Ahead Of Yourself
I'm too excited for words to see the upcoming Style By Sign! I even got to play Amanda Bynes this week for Aquarius! Anywhoo, as for Bite My Style, here is goes: red beret headband was bought on ebay--after I saw ones at a flea market, but knew it was way up-marked, as I knew where they were from. So, I went right to the source to get mine -- Korea. Plus, I wanted a red one....Pearl earrings are from my grandmother's insanely fun collection of costume jewelry (She designed costume jewelry in the 60s!); my "pearl," necklace was a B-day gift from my friend Mina from ages ago, white top from American Apparel, black dress from Castro in Tel Aviv, bangles were a gift from my friend Ingrid and my pink bow belt is Ted Baker. Below The Belt: Red Kali Wedges from Melissa.