Monday, September 30, 2013

Mercury, Venus And Saturn In Scorpio

Death Of A Disco Dancer

Bite My Style
Style By Sign is officially on hiatus after this week, so love it. How aprospro that this week is the only time I am wearing all black too...but yeah, got to pull out a baby out of my bag, in Pisces, which is down below....It's my new Secret PonPon bag -- a cute bag company from Italy I found on I got to wear my elk head necklace--which I bought in Berlin and wore during Pride in Amsterdam, with my red Dickies jumper (2nd best eBay purchase!)....I thought I lost it, when I realized I didn't have it in NYC and then freaked and got totally OCD, going through my apartment like I was missing a winning lottery ticket, g-chatting Shlomi/Mazy in Berlin at the yay-early-a.m. after Google-earthing the name of the store I bought it in (which took forever) and asked him to get me a new one...Cue to over a month later: I am putting on my boots I brought to Europe and in the toe of the left boot...DUH.

Anyway, new ideas are being developed and be back with updates... and new videos! If you miss them, comment your woes away on Style By Sign's youtube channel.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Venus In Scorpio

Venus In Furs

Bite My Style
Wow, I got an e-mail wondering where my post about my outfits was...loved that....It's the pending Mercury Rx arriving in Scorpio, October 21...I know it's far away, but with Venus in Scorpio, I just can't help languishing myself a little plusher.

So, the ostrich feather coat in Aquarius (down below) says it all. LOVE! Yes, I got it on eBay. It got bloody with one battle, to the last seconds. Then, I let go--and gladly so. I love the fullness of mine. Just borderline ridiculous in size....and actually, I saw the one I got a few hours before the final auction of the one I was DYING for and it made me die a lot less for the one giving me restless sleep...So, push came to shove, but yeah, at the end I puttered out.

As for the one I got, I just love it. I love the trim of the longer feathers at edges....And besides getting to wear it for a vignette, I debuted at the opera--The Anna Nicole opera that is! It was purrrrrrfect. So fun! The sets alone were amazing to see, and it all just worked. Pulling off opera in English is tough, in my opinion--but obviously, Anna Nicole is the perfect opera to do, if you're going to go there. It worked.

In honor of ANS, under my coat, I wore it with a one-sleeve stretch jersey leopard print dress from the Jersey Shore (Asbury Park, Boardwalk. Style Rocket. Cute Stuff.) Total strangers came up to me to compliment me. Two women at different times said I am dressed exactly how they would dress if they could. That was sweet....Oh course, my fave is always the bad reactions people get of me. Just loved the old lady that wouldn't let me sit in a chair for not even a second, because her old man was coming back. The tone in her voice. She thought I was a tramp. Loved that. I wanted to sit on her lap and tickle her flaps.

...As for the main outfit in this week's Style By Sign, my dress is from the internet. French Connection. I love it. It took a double take to see what the images were and after that, I was sold because I love that motif. (I do have 4 planets in Sag.)...I saw the dress at a store first, but was like, "No, somewhere this dress costs way less...and voila, got it for 40% less. Ah, the internet. What did I do with myself before you? ...Ah, am I already that old?....

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sun Enters Libra, The Autumn Equinox

Wave The White Flag

Fall is here! The day that is marked with the Sun moving into Libra, which is a sign ruled by Venus and puts the focus on love, beauty, and peace. However, since this season is also about getting ready for hibernation, it means to get any balance, it'll mean waving the white flag and compromising in areas of your life that can bring the greater good for the long-term. As they say, justice is blind, so if it means only being able to get your glass half full, accept it's better than nothing. 

As for areas most auspicious to settle the score (and per usual, read your Sun and Rising (based on time of birth):

Aries: Legal battles, relationship issues, overall partnership problems.
Taurus: Co-worker disputes, power struggles with subordinates, general health issues.
Gemini: Ego clashes, romance woes, creative differences.
Cancer: Family struggles, roommate problems, business start-up complications.
Leo: Disputes with siblings, communication issues in general, learning problems.
Virgo: Confidence difficulties, investment worries, concerns over personal values.
Libra: Problems initiating new ideas, image distortions, lacking of energy.
Scorpio: Dealings with your past, deep-rooted psychological traumas, suffering in general.
Sagittarius: Friendship problems, technological messes, humanitarian beliefs.
Capricorn: Status concerns, career injustices, red tape.
Aquarius: Challenges to your idealism, global affairs, spiritual struggles.
Pisces: Money concerns, sex/intimacy issues, secret dealings.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Full Moon In Pisces

Pass The Tissues Please

Pisces is one of the most overtly emotional signs of the zodiac and when it's power gleaming in the sky by way of a full moon, know it'll send out shock waves of sentiment that can drown out all else. So, when bracing for this flood, prepare by backing up these areas or these relations, as it will generally hit the hardest in the following ways per sign:

Aries: One's inner demons and general psychological twitchings.
Taurus: Among friends and fellow good samaritans.
Gemini: Dealings with career and authority.
Cancer: Among your gurus and mentors.
Leo: Amid your own power struggles.
Virgo: Partners which you have a legal obligation to.
Libra: Teammates and peers, which are not friends.
Scorpio: Romance and your sense of pride.
Sagittarius: Dealings with your family and home.
Capricorn: Dealings with people in your community.
Aquarius: Money, the good and the bad.
Pisces: Your own sense of nostalgia and shedding of your old skin.

The 411 On The Harvest Moon:

Monday, September 16, 2013

Venus & Saturn Crashing In Scorpio

What Will Be Will Be.

We are living amid crazy times and the world you know when you awake can be a totally different  one that you go to bed in -- and that can be in a personal way and a collective one. So, isn't it nice to ensure at least 90 seconds of hope per week--AKA, Style By Sign? Yes, time for a new week of my winsome cosmic interpretations through fashion, pop culture and just good ole' fun! This week, my fave is Taurus. I just love cat lady. She really has no idea pussy is a bad word. It's just what Fluffy is.

Funny, today at the shoot we joked about doing a Stylish Life, (another LookTV series that are docu-bios on various personalities in fashion) on me, revealing all the tape, pins, etc that is sometimes happening in the back of me. I had so much duct tape on me today, I felt like a drag queen! ...Anyway, this week's black dress had its issues -- the zipper broke. It got off track and was never going back. This was our first zipper disaster and duct tape solved all. Anyway, RIP this dress, which I bought so many moons ago and had in my closet YEARS longer than I wore. It's actually really lovely, with the golden embroidery and the I Love Lucy silhouette, flattering even when I deserve to look fat.

...But for practicality's sake, the skirt part, at times, felt like too much material for me to haul about. I prefer pants or hems that go no further than the knee. I wore this dress at most three times. I even tried to give it away last summer, but my friend insisted I keep it because it was so pretty and I'd regret it. I told her it's too late for me. It had it's heyday and I wanted the space...But seems she was right, it had one more adventure in her yet.


Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Venus Enters Scorpio

Dark Urges, One: You, Zero.

Welcome to the most somber time of the year with the tail end of summer ending and needing to think about living with a certain sense of reserve due to the winter. This is the time when everything "dies", which pretty much sums Venus in Scorpio. Now is that time to dig deeper into pain and pleasure.

I love my thug cameo.

P.S. My new monthly column at CosmoForLatinas is up! Monthly horoscopes for anyone, single or hooked, and cosmic tip for getting off!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Mercury Enters Libra

Think Beautiful Thoughts.

Welcome Today! Mercury in Libra is all about mental balance and the ultimate peace of mind, in which ever way you want to define it. For me, it's the science of existence beyond just the physical....What's yours?

BiTe My StYle
I totally love my dress this week and I'd have to say this is more like what I terms of hair and make-up and the dress is so my silhouette. I got it on eBay, of course. It was new though--but it's made well and it's 100% cotton. It's from the UK, but it's made in China. If you dig it, it'll come up in the search if you put in retro dresses or rockabilly....And to flatter it, my black shrug from Berlin. It's so light and soft. Even on super hot days, it's cooler than having bare shoulders. 
My cute shoes I completed it with:

The same ones I had on for the first SBS...Wow, I feel like we've come a long way and we are really sorting it out now. Plus, I couldn't of asked for better people to be working with -- especially Jeffrey and JoZie. Taurus and Capricorn!
As for other pieces that are found throughout the week's scopes is my Aries "MacBeth" look with the retro capelet I got on eBay and more of Jeffrey's adventurous styling.
My "I can't believe it's such love" red satchel might also be in Aquarius--purchased at KaDeWe Berlin. Oh, protesting shirt is my Angry Little Asian Girl tee. Love it. Check her out. She rocks.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

New Moon In Virgo

You Know What's Wrong With This World?

It's New Moon In Virgo, the start of new things to get persnickety about and have to fix. And in tune with the cosmos,  I just so happen to have already labeled the areas in your life that you'll want to turn into the H.B.I.C. for. Yes, this week's Style By Sign we celebrate being critical! Yup, harvest season begins. Time to see results for your efforts.

Plus, today is Rosh Hashanah, the new year on the Jewish calender, making it 5774 and a day to turn over a new leaf...and I also happen to use "Shalom" as my exit greeting--that was a coincidence!

Anyway, my fave Style By Sign this week is Libra, scary times....

This top caused a bit of controversy -- as in do I keep it or do I let it go? I liked it, but now seeing it on screen and how it looks, I am not digging it. It cuts off in an an unforgiving way that makes me look the opposite of lithe...I still like it though...Argh, if I dressed with my taste, not for my body, then things would be a bit different. So, until I decide on that top, I can't tell you where I got it.

Underneath I am wearing a Spanx tube as my wiggle skirt. I wore this on my second visit to the Mike and Juliet Show, which I bought the tube for--because I couldn't find a super tight black wiggle skirt...Improvisation, that's what syle can help you out with! ...and also an oldie is my beaded necklace, which I wore on my first TV appearance and was asked to take it off--which resulted in oh-so-funny-tv-banter.

...My black cocktail ring is from Amsterdam, my earrings and bangles, the usual...My grandmother designed costume jewelry in the 60s and this was one of her necklaces. The clasp, which you can't see, is great: a giant clear yellow gem. It's awesome. I'm glad this was the accessory that made it on, as I made a leather choker with a cameo the night before, but was nixed by Jeffrey, my Andre Leon Talley. (But unlike Andre, Jeffrey is gay. (lol))...Oh, he hated my top too. Half-way through shooting this week's, Jeffrey had to just say it, say he hated it. He thought it looked like I was wearing a quilted blanket. However, Jozie (Make-Up) and Ally (the AP) liked it...who knows if that was just girl solidarity. Whatever.  I like trying things out and if it is a catastrophe, well, thank god I was born with such little shame.

Stay Tuned For More: