Monday, September 16, 2013

Venus & Saturn Crashing In Scorpio

What Will Be Will Be.

We are living amid crazy times and the world you know when you awake can be a totally different  one that you go to bed in -- and that can be in a personal way and a collective one. So, isn't it nice to ensure at least 90 seconds of hope per week--AKA, Style By Sign? Yes, time for a new week of my winsome cosmic interpretations through fashion, pop culture and just good ole' fun! This week, my fave is Taurus. I just love cat lady. She really has no idea pussy is a bad word. It's just what Fluffy is.

Funny, today at the shoot we joked about doing a Stylish Life, (another LookTV series that are docu-bios on various personalities in fashion) on me, revealing all the tape, pins, etc that is sometimes happening in the back of me. I had so much duct tape on me today, I felt like a drag queen! ...Anyway, this week's black dress had its issues -- the zipper broke. It got off track and was never going back. This was our first zipper disaster and duct tape solved all. Anyway, RIP this dress, which I bought so many moons ago and had in my closet YEARS longer than I wore. It's actually really lovely, with the golden embroidery and the I Love Lucy silhouette, flattering even when I deserve to look fat.

...But for practicality's sake, the skirt part, at times, felt like too much material for me to haul about. I prefer pants or hems that go no further than the knee. I wore this dress at most three times. I even tried to give it away last summer, but my friend insisted I keep it because it was so pretty and I'd regret it. I told her it's too late for me. It had it's heyday and I wanted the space...But seems she was right, it had one more adventure in her yet.