Thursday, September 5, 2013

New Moon In Virgo

You Know What's Wrong With This World?

It's New Moon In Virgo, the start of new things to get persnickety about and have to fix. And in tune with the cosmos,  I just so happen to have already labeled the areas in your life that you'll want to turn into the H.B.I.C. for. Yes, this week's Style By Sign we celebrate being critical! Yup, harvest season begins. Time to see results for your efforts.

Plus, today is Rosh Hashanah, the new year on the Jewish calender, making it 5774 and a day to turn over a new leaf...and I also happen to use "Shalom" as my exit greeting--that was a coincidence!

Anyway, my fave Style By Sign this week is Libra, scary times....

This top caused a bit of controversy -- as in do I keep it or do I let it go? I liked it, but now seeing it on screen and how it looks, I am not digging it. It cuts off in an an unforgiving way that makes me look the opposite of lithe...I still like it though...Argh, if I dressed with my taste, not for my body, then things would be a bit different. So, until I decide on that top, I can't tell you where I got it.

Underneath I am wearing a Spanx tube as my wiggle skirt. I wore this on my second visit to the Mike and Juliet Show, which I bought the tube for--because I couldn't find a super tight black wiggle skirt...Improvisation, that's what syle can help you out with! ...and also an oldie is my beaded necklace, which I wore on my first TV appearance and was asked to take it off--which resulted in oh-so-funny-tv-banter.

...My black cocktail ring is from Amsterdam, my earrings and bangles, the usual...My grandmother designed costume jewelry in the 60s and this was one of her necklaces. The clasp, which you can't see, is great: a giant clear yellow gem. It's awesome. I'm glad this was the accessory that made it on, as I made a leather choker with a cameo the night before, but was nixed by Jeffrey, my Andre Leon Talley. (But unlike Andre, Jeffrey is gay. (lol))...Oh, he hated my top too. Half-way through shooting this week's, Jeffrey had to just say it, say he hated it. He thought it looked like I was wearing a quilted blanket. However, Jozie (Make-Up) and Ally (the AP) liked it...who knows if that was just girl solidarity. Whatever.  I like trying things out and if it is a catastrophe, well, thank god I was born with such little shame.

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