Monday, September 23, 2013

Venus In Scorpio

Venus In Furs

Bite My Style
Wow, I got an e-mail wondering where my post about my outfits was...loved that....It's the pending Mercury Rx arriving in Scorpio, October 21...I know it's far away, but with Venus in Scorpio, I just can't help languishing myself a little plusher.

So, the ostrich feather coat in Aquarius (down below) says it all. LOVE! Yes, I got it on eBay. It got bloody with one battle, to the last seconds. Then, I let go--and gladly so. I love the fullness of mine. Just borderline ridiculous in size....and actually, I saw the one I got a few hours before the final auction of the one I was DYING for and it made me die a lot less for the one giving me restless sleep...So, push came to shove, but yeah, at the end I puttered out.

As for the one I got, I just love it. I love the trim of the longer feathers at edges....And besides getting to wear it for a vignette, I debuted at the opera--The Anna Nicole opera that is! It was purrrrrrfect. So fun! The sets alone were amazing to see, and it all just worked. Pulling off opera in English is tough, in my opinion--but obviously, Anna Nicole is the perfect opera to do, if you're going to go there. It worked.

In honor of ANS, under my coat, I wore it with a one-sleeve stretch jersey leopard print dress from the Jersey Shore (Asbury Park, Boardwalk. Style Rocket. Cute Stuff.) Total strangers came up to me to compliment me. Two women at different times said I am dressed exactly how they would dress if they could. That was sweet....Oh course, my fave is always the bad reactions people get of me. Just loved the old lady that wouldn't let me sit in a chair for not even a second, because her old man was coming back. The tone in her voice. She thought I was a tramp. Loved that. I wanted to sit on her lap and tickle her flaps.

...As for the main outfit in this week's Style By Sign, my dress is from the internet. French Connection. I love it. It took a double take to see what the images were and after that, I was sold because I love that motif. (I do have 4 planets in Sag.)...I saw the dress at a store first, but was like, "No, somewhere this dress costs way less...and voila, got it for 40% less. Ah, the internet. What did I do with myself before you? ...Ah, am I already that old?....