Monday, September 30, 2013

Mercury, Venus And Saturn In Scorpio

Death Of A Disco Dancer

Bite My Style
Style By Sign is officially on hiatus after this week, so love it. How aprospro that this week is the only time I am wearing all black too...but yeah, got to pull out a baby out of my bag, in Pisces, which is down below....It's my new Secret PonPon bag -- a cute bag company from Italy I found on I got to wear my elk head necklace--which I bought in Berlin and wore during Pride in Amsterdam, with my red Dickies jumper (2nd best eBay purchase!)....I thought I lost it, when I realized I didn't have it in NYC and then freaked and got totally OCD, going through my apartment like I was missing a winning lottery ticket, g-chatting Shlomi/Mazy in Berlin at the yay-early-a.m. after Google-earthing the name of the store I bought it in (which took forever) and asked him to get me a new one...Cue to over a month later: I am putting on my boots I brought to Europe and in the toe of the left boot...DUH.

Anyway, new ideas are being developed and be back with updates... and new videos! If you miss them, comment your woes away on Style By Sign's youtube channel.