Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sun Enters Libra, The Autumn Equinox

Wave The White Flag

Fall is here! The day that is marked with the Sun moving into Libra, which is a sign ruled by Venus and puts the focus on love, beauty, and peace. However, since this season is also about getting ready for hibernation, it means to get any balance, it'll mean waving the white flag and compromising in areas of your life that can bring the greater good for the long-term. As they say, justice is blind, so if it means only being able to get your glass half full, accept it's better than nothing. 

As for areas most auspicious to settle the score (and per usual, read your Sun and Rising (based on time of birth):

Aries: Legal battles, relationship issues, overall partnership problems.
Taurus: Co-worker disputes, power struggles with subordinates, general health issues.
Gemini: Ego clashes, romance woes, creative differences.
Cancer: Family struggles, roommate problems, business start-up complications.
Leo: Disputes with siblings, communication issues in general, learning problems.
Virgo: Confidence difficulties, investment worries, concerns over personal values.
Libra: Problems initiating new ideas, image distortions, lacking of energy.
Scorpio: Dealings with your past, deep-rooted psychological traumas, suffering in general.
Sagittarius: Friendship problems, technological messes, humanitarian beliefs.
Capricorn: Status concerns, career injustices, red tape.
Aquarius: Challenges to your idealism, global affairs, spiritual struggles.
Pisces: Money concerns, sex/intimacy issues, secret dealings.