Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Mars Enters Leo

Unleash Your Inner Superstar!

Today, at 10:05 P.M. EST, Mars, the planet of sex, passion, and aggression will be settling into fiery, ego-driven Leo, which rules creativity, romance, and leadership. So, until October 15, expect a hotness to burn in your brain that won't let you do anything half-ass. Yes, good times. However, realize with every bonus, there is a minus, as in dealing with egotistical assholes at a higher rate too. Of course, who ever is left standing will be the winner, so prepare to make life grander by showing the world your inner superstar!

Yes, time to feel your power and embrace your showmanship, because this is the time of year when the universe wants you and nobody else to get into the driver's seat and steer your fate onto sunnier horizons, where all the world's possibilities will be there for you to pick and choose from. All you have to do is believe in it and then work it.

As for where this power will come in strongest in your life, it is as follows -- and don't forget to read your sun and rising, as both are always relevant for anything dealing with predictions!!!

Aries: As a fellow fire sign, you'll be feeling this transit in your confidence and your ability to move mountains. You thought you were a superior leader before, but with Mars in Leo you will be able to kick-ass in any direction you choose. Plus, good hair days will be plenty throughout this phase, so don't be scared to head to the salon and try something daring and new!

Taurus: Your home is your castle and this is when you can spread your territory out! Yes, moving or expanding is now -- and anything involving the people in that space with you is also beneficial, if you put all of the pieces of the puzzle together. So, don't get sedentary, because laying down foundations will take verve and creativity!

Gemini: Your brain will be on fire and it will be absorbing new thought and creative new ideas at record speed. However, all brains and no action will amount to nothing, so don't be short-sighted to let yourself run off in every which way, because having a definitive plan of action will matter. Remember potential is nothing without the humility to explore it.
Cancer: Thinking for the long term is your gold, and this is your time to forge ahead with financial commitments and put your money where your dreams are.Of course, nothing is a guaranteed, but the least you can do is go after your happiness, as that is the only way to gain the ultimate comfort and security you crave.

Leo: You can do no wrong and the universe is backing you up on that now. Just don't get too cocky and think that ruling the world is just about barking orders. No, it's your time to carry out justice in the highest form you know how. Be what you believe and others will follow. Your example is crucial to keeping all in line, so don't fuck it up!
Virgo: Your imagination will be working overtime and can drive you to seeing visions that can create beautiful masterpieces that can inspire the world for ages to come. Think of your talents as a way to show your compassion now, because it is within you to express yourself at a larger scale. Of course that will mean sacrifice, but trust it will be worth it. If not just for you, for the world.

Libra: People love you all the time, but in this phase, they'll be going nuts for you, giving you power and prestige. So, don't just bask in the glory of the worship. Use it to make wishes and dreams get into your reach, as it'll be now that you can cash in your karma. See that there is power in numbers and they'll all add up for you to succeed.

Scorpio: Fame and fortune is something you can handle, so don't shy away from the spotlight now, as all the work you've paid off will get acknowledgement. While it can get a bit out of control, don't sweat it when it comes to taking on too much, because if anyone can go beyond human strength now, it'll be you.

Sagittarius: You were born with a smile on your face and this week, you'll have the power to spread it all over the world. Yes, open yourself to international opportunities by way of forcing them open yourself or taking on something foreign that comes your way. Yes, sex, money, love, etc., whatever fuels your fires, let it be your passport to an adventure of a lifetime.

Capricorn: Your intensity can get deadly now, so be careful with whom you share your powers with and on what, because a little will go a long way -- and because of this, don't be too trusting with even those you do know well, as they might not have the insight to do as you want now. Detach yourself to see more and ultimately, you will gain more financially, mentally and spiritually.

Aquarius: Working in pairs will do wonders for your morale in many ways. Not only will you be able to cash in on two expertise, but it'll give you the confidence to know there is more than just you out there with such progressive ideas. So, if you need to seal any deals now, go for it, because there is no losing when you commit to a team.

Pisces: Your health is your wealth and although you want to take in all the excitement in your life now, you are going to have to prioritize. Sure, practicality has never been your strong suit, but so it life and this new direction you are taking and if you see there is logic to the universe, you'll see that luxury and longevity can be one in the same.