Tuesday, August 6, 2013

New Moon In Leo

Look For The Spotlight And Assume The Position

Part two of our shooting marathon:
Bite My Style
I love my red denim Dickies dress, which I scored on eBay! I auctioned my ass off for it and it became mine!!! Weee.... To dress it up, I paired it with the same rings and necklace from July 29's week, but switched the earrings to gold hoops and my bracelets for a leather strap I got in Istanbul, at a store called Hotic and added flair to my hair with the red polka dot wire headband I got somewhere in Tel Aviv. I have to say the headband is brilliant, why they are not sold on every street corner in NYC, I don't know. The wire inside is lightweight and allows easy tightening or options in whether to have an antennae or not. (I always prefer to have the antennae.)...Anyway, I was hating myself that I didn't load up on more headbands, in every color. So, I had to have my friend send me more... However, it's the polka dot red one I always use...As for my shoes, my Marc Jacob white clogs worked overtime...