Monday, July 29, 2013

Sun In Leo

Flaunt It!

Due to the fact we had to shoot two weeks of Style By Sign in one day, there were only pics of the main outfit...

As for how to Bite My Style:
Thanks to my new eBay addiction, I scored this lovey dress....although I wasn't sure if the small would fit me, I was able to stuff myself in...Although when I got the dress in the mail, I put it on and it was super hot in my apartment and argh, it took me forever to get out of it, since the zipper only goes part way and the top is narrow. I got so frustrated I called my friend Mina half way through to moan...Anyway, after that, I realized I was retarded and since, have not had problems...And the dress is beyond cuteness! It's from a British company called Hell Bunny. I have to say I was way impressed with the quality and would for sure venture out to buy something from them again...and as for my cute white clogs, they are from Marc Jacobs--and they are comfortable as hell!!!!! I got them a while back, before a trip to Seoul and was able to walk all over their crazy sidewalks, side streets and hills for hours on end! 

As for the other accoutrements, my gold fan earrings are from G-ma; Scorpio nameplate necklace from some boutique in Brooklyn and bangles are the ones from my cute friend Ingrid. As for my rings, which may be hard to see: one is a cute "Zombie's Lunch" ring I found on Etsy, at a shop called CatrinasToybox and another is my Scorpio glyph, also from Etsy, from MarieKDesigns. She is a sweetie and her rings may look delicate, but are totally durable. She does the entire zodiac, but Gemini, which she is still working out, but once she does, I'll be sporting it, as it's my Rising Sign! Also on my right hand is my Kiki nameplate ring, that I got in all the weirdest places -- Disneyworld! (At Epcot in Mexico!)