Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Uranus Goes Retrograde in Aries

You Just Won't Be Yourself These Days...

As the planet of ingenuity stalls in the sign all about you, don't expect anything about yourself to be the same -- which can be a great or grim thing....Hmmm, time to see how much you love or hate yourself.

...and better late, than never...Here is my fave Style By Sign video of the week: ARIES!

Bite My Style
Due to shooting 24 videos in a day, didn't keep up with the pics of all the outfit changes...but as for my main one, it was simple and sweet: pink heart print dress from Modcloth and black suede wedges from Jeffrey Campbell, which I got years ago and were the first I bought from Jeffrey Campbell and sort of fell apart after the first time I wore them. The wedge is rubber, which doesn't make for the nails holding down the suede to work so well. Most of them stayed in, but you know, you'd expect them all to stay in....Yet, I still bought more shoes from them.