Monday, July 22, 2013

Venus Enters Virgo

Do What You Must, To Get Yourself Off

Venus in Virgo isn't a time romance, love and fantasy happens in the way most dream. Instead, it's the mechanics of those things that will go under the microscope.  At best, this just means fine tuning your pleasures to work for you, or at the worst, be driven like a slave for the sake of getting off. Either or, it's meant to bring out the best of your pleasures for easily accessibility and efficiency. So, as you enter this phase, which will last until August 16, put your thinking cap on for what you crave, because results is always the aim for any Virgo-esque transit, and this one happens to involve feeling good.

As per sign, what will need working on:
Aries: Being humble and of service to others.
Taurus: Enforcing your ego.
Gemini: Trusting your foundation for love to grow on.
Cancer: Speaking your needs and emotions. Saying what you want directly.
Leo: Investing into what makes you comfortable.
Virgo: Setting priorities back onto you.
Libra: Having a good conscience for all that gets you off.
Scorpio: Inciting a revolutionary attitude about love.
Sagittarius: Putting all that you love on a pedestal.
Capricorn: Allowing your spirituality to evolve.
Aquarius: Being brave to dig deeper into your emotions.
Pisces: Making sure you get what you are give.