Monday, July 8, 2013

Saturn Goes Direct In Scorpio

Turmoil, Back On Full Blast

Oh yeah, got to love it, bad ass Saturn is back to full tilt boogie and in that crazy bitch Scorpio. To honor it in true Mercury Rx style, here's one from the archives, Life Sucks!

I wrote this gem when I was a teenager, for the hardcore band I joined when i was 15, called E.G.O., which stood for Extra Genital Orgasm. We formed one night at our friend Roberta's post X-mas party, where we had crazy experiences ouija-ing. It was my friend Inchan's idea and his band name. He was the guy that was in a band with anyone and everyone with any musical ability, even if it was just being into the same stuff.

By default of not knowing how to play any instruments, I was the lead singer. And of course I can't  sing, so we were hardcore, because I could scream. We had a rehearsal the next day, where we composed a song about the Ouija and I went outside to scream my lyrics, while Inchan and Christine, the two in the band that could play music, banged something out on a baby grand piano in Christine's living room with the front door open, so we could hear each other. That lasted for an hour or so.

Six months later, we had another rehearsal. This time, in Inchan's garage with a real set-up -- drums, guitar and amps. Inchan even drank beer....Our friend John did say, from his experience of being in a band wth Inchan that, "... he always takes over the whole band."

Obviously, I was totally cool with that, since the only thing I liked about any of it was saying I was in a hardcore band, which I actually had no one to tell. Eventually, I did get booted to the back, to the drums, but I did sign up for lessons, but only got so far as to buy the sticks and carry them around. I just couldn't wake up early enough to get to any lesson. My life as a pseudo rock star was a disaster and had no chance. All I could get down were the habits.

Anyway, Life Sucks was actually written after my first day of college, when I was17, in 5 minutes, because in that deep desperation, I really did wish E.G.O. could of been my option. That was/is how I felt/feel and somewhere in another dimension, it would of been our band's anthem song.

...and years later, I put it in my 1st book ANGST, but under the name Babelicious, who I made live in London, in hopes the publisher would think there was an audience there and would send me there. Of course, they never did, but in the book I did include 4 of the poems from my teenage days.....and it seems nothing has changed at all.