Monday, July 1, 2013

Venus In Leo

Starlight, Starbright

Bite My Style
Be careful of what you wish for... It is probably obvious, I'm a gal that likes to having her get ups, but with Style By Sign, I'm now on a shopping treadmill! Yes, I spend many of my spare waking minutes hunting for new looks and have found a new appreciation for eBay.... And that's where I scored this cute scooter dress on this week's segment. It's actually a part of an adorable suit, which will be seen in full in the fall... And argh, learned again not to disregard label tags. It's made of rayon and says dry clean only, but I decided to hand wash anyway and duh, it did shrink. That made me sad to know, as I realized I fucked up something new I bought, but it made me happy to know I didn't gain a few mysterious pounds in just days.

As for the rest of my look: earrings are my grandmother's; horse shoe locket necklace from CosmicGirl on Etsy, inside a pic of my favorite Santa Claus; gray shirt with black bow from Forever 21; brown booties from somewhere on 23rd St. between 5th and 6th; and adorable collar socks made by Salome Mamrikishvili. I met her at Artists and Fleas in Brooklyn, where you can find her every Sunday hocking her cute wares.

As for this week's characters: The eccentric aunt has a amazing DollsvilleNYC pink flamingo fascinator. I bought it a while back and got to wear it to a camp wedding and have been dying to have an occasion to break it out again--and here we are! My pearls are from various sources and the dress is my mom's from the 80s.
My Dorothy Gale intepretation is comprised of white chiffon top from American Apparel, Blue Gingham skirt from American Apparel, collar socks are made by Salome Mamrikishvili and Red Bow Wedges are from Melissa.