Monday, July 8, 2013

New Moon In Cancer

Disguise As Your Defense And Loving It

Happy New Moon On Monday Y'all!

This week's Style By Sign is CHOCK-FULL of precious moments! Cancer wins for the week because it's a New Moon in Cancer today and the brilliance of Jeffrey P., AKA the Steven Spielberg of the Internet. I'm homeless, I'm a black sheep...Only under this direction could I bring out these emotions....and also in the entire mix are a slew of new characters...

I know this picture is far and blurry, but you can see my dress in the videos or if you click on the pic. The lace from the sleeves extends to the back, so it's got that sexy touch to balance the sweetness. I got it at Modcloth. My belt is Ted Baker and my clogs are Jeffrey Campbell. I have to admit, I love J.C. shoes, in terms of style, and have a few, but dang, they fall apart easily. Still, I love them and get them fixed every time, but I'll no longer buy them.
My dress is a hand-me-down from my sister from ages ago. I love it, the collar is my fave. It's wool, so it's only for fall, winter and these occasions. My blood drip choker I love!!!! I got it at a goth store in the East Village somewhere. I was told someone in Brooklyn makes them. Love!...and my cigarette is actually a necklace. I'm holding the chain in my hand, so that's why I am holding it a little strange....And the extra arm is Jeffrey, my stage daddy.
Ooh, love my old lady look that came out again. Pink Flamingo fascinator from DollsvilleNYC, blue silk dress is my mom's dress from the 80s, and the long green ring is from Istanbul, the flower Lego ring is from the Hester Street Fair and the other shiny bauble is from modcloth and of course, the strands of pearls from random sources Fake glasses from the streets of Chinatown.
As for my Prancersize homage: my wig is my grandmother's from the 70s, the pink sweater is Allie's (Our awesome Assistant Producer and host of her own LookTV Show on DIY-ing) and the pants are from Uniglo, which is down the street from the Bedrocket headquarters. Wilma Flintstone necklace a gift and pearl drop clip-on earrings are my grandmother's.