Monday, August 26, 2013

Moon In Taurus

It Feels So Good

Here we are, heading into the final week of the summer vacay time and Mars is entering Leo tomorrow, which means a final close out that will leave us all feeling a bit banged up, but in all the best ways (if you can help it). For tips to make your week as stylin as possible, click into Style By Sign, the most fun way to get your weekly horoscopes! Also, so easy and inspiring -- and less than 2 minutes of your life! What else can save you for just 2 minutes of your time? Anyway, this week, my fave video for purposes obvious to those who know is Scorpio!

As for how to Bite My Style:
My pink spades dress is from BB Dakota. I bought it very long ago at a surf shop in Ocean City, Maryland. I can't decided if I like it or hate it. It had a weird fit in some areas, but then a good fit in other. It's cute and all, and everyone seems to like it... Today, even my intern said when he watched my video said, "You look beautiful and I'm not just saying it. I'm saying it because it's true."

Yes, that little bundle of love is a Leo Rising and they do know how to lay on the charm...In fact, the dress I will be wearing for the Sept. 16th is something he told me I also looked beautiful in too. I wore it to pick him up from school. When he saw me, he didn't even say hi. He just went into, "You look beautiful." (Yeah, he's my favorite)

...And as for my jewelry, it's from the usual places: earrings from g-ma, charm bracelet from Archie McPhee Mystery Box I got from my friend Arion one year, my black cocktail ring is from Amsterdam and the necklace is from In God We Trust. Other things thrown into the series this week: the pink shoes I am holding as "my designer shoes" in Libra are from Amsterdam and my red satchel in Pisces is from Berlin's KaDeWe.