Saturday, April 13, 2013

Mercury Enters Aries

Stir The Pot

If you didn't know, Aries is the shit-starter of the zodiac. It's the sign that begins it all and the ruler of rebellion, leadership and war. So, as it comes into control of the communication planet (until May 1), it'll mean breaking out your inner bully to get others to think and do as you want. 

Yes, time to play devil's advocate or let loose your most perverse ideologies, as you'll want to shake up the system in anyway you know how, because if you want any excitement, it'll mean stirring the pot.

As for areas in which you'll get the most action and attraction, focus your fire in these areas (and don't forget to also read your rising sign too):

Aries: Changing personal goals, pursuing new ideas, and feeding your ego.
Taurus: Seeking new creative ventures, dealing with your inner demons, and your road to nirvana.
Gemini: Having humanitarian missions, increasing your social life, and living for your aspirations.
Cancer: Upping your popularity, your sense of authority and career.
Leo:  Taking a bigger interest in travel, spirituality and having more independence.
Virgo: Indulging in your finances, fetishes and passions.
Libra: Wanting peace of mind, establishing balance and enjoying the finer things of living.
Scorpio: Trying out new methods in dealing with health, organization and seeing results.
Sagittarius: Having more love, fun and worship.
Capricorn: Accepting what nurtures you, your home and long-term goals.
Aquarius: Taking up new ways to communication, learn and be a part of your community.
Pisces: Revising your values, clearing debts, and expanding your comfort zone.