Saturday, April 20, 2013

Mars Enters Taurus

Get back up.

Due to the nature of this transit, things move you can tell. Until May 31, this will be the vibe, but it doesn't mean to give up or let it ride, but to examine the moments with all your senses and to take full advantage of your resources. Nobody gets ahead alone, so bear that in mind and share your life accordingly. As for more detailed info, here is my prior post on Mars in Taurus:

As for how I celebrated this day, I hired an intern. Here he is: Lil J Superstar!
He is overqualified for the position, but he took on the challenge anyway. Every start of my day, we conference call. I get reminded of anything I ask him to remind me of and he loads me with relevant info for the day. Today, I got a puppet show and the other day he took me to the top of the world. See how overqualified he is!!!