Thursday, August 8, 2013

Mercury Enters Leo

Take Creative License

Hola! Hola! Yes, it's that time of year when Mercury goes into Leo and it's all about setting your brain into a more egotistical mode. If this means posting something already late on the wrong date, then do it, as it's all about taking creative licenses to do as you wish.

Anyway, these are our first since we all got back from our respective holidays 48 hours prior. I slept for a day after returning (not even kidding), so I was ready to hop back into saddle, complete with a new dress I bought in Amsterdam, during gay pride -- a nautical theme dress (you can't see the cute anchor on the pocket below, but it's cute). I was inspired by the canal parade (movable porn) and the festive mood of the city. It was amazing (slideshow to come), one giant party! Even the Bank of The Netherlands replaced the country flag with a rainbow one on top of their headquarters.

I was with my amazing friend Mazy MazelTov and she was quite the sensation!!! ...but more on that later.... Until then, this week's series is chock-full-of-cute-moments. My favorite is Virgo -- as I get to live out my fantasy as a twin. (Although I am playing best friends that dress alike in the video.)

As to Bite My Style:
Yes, the cute dress is from somewhere in Amsterdam... Wilma Flintstone necklace is of course the ones from my friend Mina, my earrings are my grandmother's, as is the red scarf I wore as a headband. I wanted to wear it as a neck scarf, to complete the nautical theme, but Jeffrey, my producer, thought it was too sock-hop and overrode it. :( I love him anyway...I barely remember what else was happening, I think I wore a bracelet from my friend Tina's Sangeet, some new stackable rings from Amsterdam (a red bow and a sparkly number) and my Scorpio Glyph ring in gold from MarieKDesigns on Etsy. Marie was so sweet. I originally got sent a silver one, but when she realized the order was wrong, she sent me a gold one and told me to keep the silver. Awww...Can't wait to get the Gemini one, so I can have all my main signs adorning me! Yes, I'm whore for astro jewelry!