Thursday, August 22, 2013

Mercury Enters Virgo

Time To Get It Straight

Virgo is all about making things matter and as the summer is coming to a fast end, now is the time to get back into the detail-orientated and result-minded way of life ....So, this week, it'll mean my attempt to post my favorite Style By Sign video of the week on time from now on and Bite My Style... Of course, this week is filled with so many cute, funny and unexpected delights, which makes all of them fun to watch and hard to pick a fave -- but it has to be Sag. Not only because it has my current favorite dress (the feather number I got on eBay), but because I remind myself of Jujubee (one of my fave Drag Queens and my choice of who could play me in a Lifetime biopic)...Anyway, as for my main look and how to:

Bite My Style: My cute Peter Pan collar dog-print dress, which I for some reason when I bought, I thought the red part was a hydrant. Anyway, it was too cute and whimsical to pass up and last year, when I bought this dress and two others at Think Closet (Mulberry St.), it was just what I needed, as there was something sucking all the hope out of me...That day, there was something inside me that made me feel hopeful again and my expression was shopping. I even got a discount from the shop-girl as an incentive to buy three dresses, which was just lovely, considering I know that all the stuff in the store is from Korea and I know how crazy their mark-ups are (like 300-400%)...but whatever, their stuff is cute and if it means buying the airfare for the dress to have come into the country, then so be it. Until then, I'll shop 'til I drop, as in buying cute clothes makes me need to have places to show them off....And as for the accessories I'm wearing this week, it's again all the same tricks I pull out every week, with slight variations.