Thursday, May 9, 2013

New Moon Solar Eclipse In Taurus


Salvation is coming and it'll end with a big thud, as in a solid mass of miracles flying from out of nowhere, out to find you and transport you onto a new path. Under this Solar New Moon Eclipse in Taurus, it's all about new beginnings and solid foundations. So, pay attention to opportunities that pop up, especially is you are a Taurus born in the middle of your birth-sign or a Virgo or a Capricorn. You three will be the biggest winners, in line for this lucky aspect.  Next up are the water signs, especially Scorpios born in the middle of their sign, then Pisces and Cancer. Not that the other signs will be missing out, but you are just not in front of the priority line at this cosmic kitchen. Don't worry, everyone will get their day.

As for the areas per sign in which this aspect will touch and speed up a new direction, it is as follows:
Aries: Money
Taurus: A Wild Card of Luck
Gemini: Psychological Breakthroughs
Cancer: Networks
Leo: Career
Virgo: Adventure
Libra: Commissions
Scorpio: Contracts
Sagittarius: Responsibilities
Capricorn: Love
Aquarius: Home
Pisces: Community