Thursday, May 9, 2013

Venus Enters Gemini

'Tis the season for double-fisting.

Today, at 11:03 am EST marks the time when you'll need to grab all you can, as in double-fisting the concoction of pleasure, fun and magic in the air.

Yes, until June 2 you'll have the flirty and quirky energy of Gemini at the control tower for the planet of love. This means A.D.D. brain wanderings and moving from one inspiration to the next, creating a pace that will build momentum.

Up's and down's will be plenty, stimulating you way beyond what you can control -- at times, anyway. So, buckle up and lunge forward, as you won't rest until you get enough.

Per sign areas of increased excitement:
Aries: Flirty conversations will bring you over the edge.
Taurus: Indulgence is grand. Learn how the other half lives.
Gemini: The reigns of the universe are in your hands.
Cancer: Give yourself over to your imagination, and let the karma guide you.
Leo: Confront your selflessness for your best release.
Virgo: All eyes are on you, adore being adored.
Libra: Spontaneity and spirituality are your aphrodisiacs now.
Scorpio: It'll be what is happening behind the scenes that will matter the most now.
Sagittarius: Pieces of the puzzle will find its way together naturally and beautifully.
Capricorn: Office romance is just another way to multi-task.
Aquarius: Finally, action that get all others wanting to be you. Satisfaction.
Pisces: Security now will go much deeper than just cash.

P.S. This is a link to a past post on Venus in Gemini, as there are words to express this cycle: