Monday, May 27, 2013

Venus & Jupiter Align In Gemini

Feel Good News

Yeaaah, today my new web-series Style By Sign debuted on fashion channel, Look TV, on youtube! To see your sign: 


Bite My Style
As for my look this premiere week, from head to down below, here is how it goes: The lovely black rose fascinator is from DollsvilleNYC, all hand made by a fab NYC lady named Laura. I got mine at a party I was at one night at Poisson Rouge. Laura has a table full of cuteness and I bought two fascinators, this one and a pink flamingo, which I wore to a campground wedding that summer....My dress boasts the title of most inexpensive new dress ever--$6!

I got it in Istanbul, in this odd section of town, in a weird store that looked more like a basement than a place of business. I liked the collar and for $6, it was destiny (that was a price that was negotiated, as that was all I had in my wallet at the time). Although it took 3 washes to get the cigarette smell out, it's a dress that a lot of people seem to love. Who would of known $6 could buy my so much admiration? ...and because I am a bit fatter than when I bought this dress, I slipped this skirt over it. It's a Betsey Johnson skirt that I learned later was named Teen Vogue, which was funny because I bought it for myself after I got my Teen Vogue contract renewed.

As for the accessories, the black tie ring on my right hand is one of a pair I got at Pylones; the pyramid ring is from Patricia Fields; the Scorpio plate necklace is from somewhere in Williamsberg, Brooklyn--purchased while I was staying there post Hurricane Sandy, since my electricity was out in the L.E.S.; the bangles are from my friend Tina's Sangeet that I attended last summer and the leather strap bracelet is from Hotic in Istanbul--a normal store....Until next time...

Below The Belt:
Shoes: Nine West's Lizzie bought at first pair of Nine West shoes ever, as I always thought of them as shoes of a middle-aged middle management lady, but seems I am wrong. These shoes are the cutest things ever and once I saw them, I had to have them....although it took me ages to decided which color to get, as it also came in light pink and nude.