Sunday, June 2, 2013

Venus Enters Cancer

Feel It!

Venus in Cancer is a time of intense inner emotions, as it brings out all the feelings you can't deny and back to a humble place....So, time to give thanks for those who nurture you and those you should nurture back. So, now until June 27, feel it!

As for who I am feeling the love for,  it's the team of awesome people at Look TV and my fellow Style By Sign crew, a hilarious bunch I've instantly fallen in love for: Jeffrey, he's a Taurus, and the producer, a total sweetie--he knows how to run a tight ship, while making our shoots and show extra fun and fresh; Jozie, my make-up artist and a smokin' Capricorn lady that's beyond talented in so many more ways than just hair and make-up. Also a positive force in every way a woman should be!

Allie, a Leo with her own Look TV show , all about DIY-ing! It's so cute, check it out! Thank God for her impeccable grammar skills and funny insights, we'd be less without her; and Jeremy, our camera man, a sweet Pisces and perfectionist. Just don't piss him off by making noise while we are filming!!! ...and of course, the awesome and amazing Liz Dewey, our Executive Producer, and Gemini who is head-bitch-in-charge of our Style By Sign world. She makes ruling with kindness, diplomacy and efficiency seem effortless!!!!!

...Anyway, as for this week's batch of scopes, here are the links...They're funny, even if you aren't that sign, because of all the people at Look TV making them that way. My favorite this week is Aquarius, since I got to flex my acting skill in an Amanda Bynes reenactment!!!! One of my favorite past times: being ridiculous.

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