Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Mars Squares Chiron

Splat: The Story Of Yes

What word does not apply: harmless, gold, aquatic, alpha?
A few weeks ago, because my latest frogs are not very bright, I bought a new tank with a filter. Since they couldn't find the blood worms fast enough to eat and the worms dissolved, the water would get cloudy fast.

Then, in the new tank, they didn't eat either, because the filter sucked up the food too fast. Plus, I noticed they no longer hung-out with each other. One would hang by itself and the other would wedge itself up in-between the filter and wall of the tank most of the day. So, they went back into the bowl.

So, with the new empty tank sitting around unused, I decided to go to the aquarium and pick up three goldfish in which became: Yes, No and Maybe. Yes is completely gold. No was mostly black and Maybe, half and half.

Maybe was the first to go. I found her lifelessly getting sucked onto the filter pipe a few days ago. I thought a few weeks was expected for goldfish. They lived forever or just a short while. Then, a few days after that, No was at the bottom of the tank, upside down. I felt so bad for little Yes, who was now alone. So, today I went to the Aquarium with my intern on Skype to pick out new friends for Yes...But then at the store learned that Maybe and No most likely did not die of natural causes, but killed by Yes... If it had to happen, I'm happy Yes reigned supreme...but hmm, seems it really is lonely at the top.