Friday, June 7, 2013

Neptune Goes Retrograde In Pisces

When old dreams come back to haunt you.

Don't get distracted!
It's so Neptune issues when a tropical storm interjects into your life. Today, Tropical Andrea and and Neptune Retrograde arrived, stirring up vulnerabilities, as ideals you once held dear come back to haunt you. Now is the time to reexamine choices you've made and change of directions you wonder about. Dreams that could of been....

As for each area best to zone your attention to, and reassess your emotions, here are the following suggestions...

Aries: Your deep psychological understandings or excuses you have given into.
Taurus: Your hopes for humanity.
Gemini: Your aspirations and deeper purpose, over status.
Cancer: Your sense of truth, independence and adventure.
Leo: The ways you conduct intimacy in your life.
Virgo: Your balance and finding harmony amid the day-to-day.
Libra: Your productivity level and building towards a greater purpose.
Scorpio: Your romantic nature and creative impulses.
Sagittarius: Your home and where you think you belong.
Capricorn: Your words and communicating what you think to the world around you.
Aquarius: Your comfort level and being able to trust once again, for the long term.
Pisces: Your confidence and identity, who you want to be.