Thursday, June 20, 2013

Sun Enters Cancer, Summer Solstice

Mood Swing
Today, Cancer officially rules the skies. With its reign starting summer at 1:04AM EST, it's also bolstered by Mercury and Venus already in Cancer and soon, Jupiter and Mars. What does this mean? 

Moods will be swinging left, right and all over the place, which can give your valuable insight into seeing whatever you are experiencing from various angles. Of course, it could also make you whack too, but no worries, as all you'll have to do is give it two minutes, and all will likely change again. However, to gain some sense of security, keep in mind these are the likely areas of your life now that will bring on the onslaught of emotions:

Aries: Home
Taurus: Intelligence
Gemini: Comfort
Cancer: Identity
Leo: Intuition
Virgo: Friendships
Libra: Popularity
Scorpio: Ideology
Sagittarius: Sex
Capricorn: Commitments
Aquarius: Routines
Pisces: Ego

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Yup, that's the summer issue!