Monday, June 10, 2013

Moon Conjuncts Mercury

Turn Your Feelings Into Words

My fave video of this week, Scorpio! Click on to get to the entire playlist!

Bite My Style

Hola! Here are action shots from last week's shoot and my look rundown: Earrings are my fab Grandmother's; heart rings from Asbury Park, purchased on the Broadwalk; white shirt from Korea (most likely in the Dongdaemun area); pink dress from Forever 21!!!! Can you believe it???! It's from their 2010 prom collection of all things!         Who knew!... and belt, a vintage

Jill Stuart. Shoes: Melissa Kali wedge.

My telenovela look: Hair attachment bought in Harlem at 10pm the night before and it just happen to be called Latina! Braided hair headband bought on Etsy, from Puppycatmeow -- which I have to say when I wear as a headband, I get compliments galore! The mink is my grandmother's -- and I just have to say I am not a fur person at all, not even a big fan of eating meat either, but my aunts thought I should have her short mink, so here it is making it's on-camera debut! ...Gold hoops, somewhere in NYC and M-I-S-S K-I-K-I gold rhinestone rings from Patricia Field. Slip from a vintage shop somehwhere on Grand St. in Brooklyn, off the Graham L or Hewes J stop. Not sure of the name, but amazing place--their slips are all only $5 each!