Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Jupiter Enters Cancer

Suckle On Your Hopes
Today marks a big astrological day! Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system, is moving into Cancer at 9:40p.m. EST, a position known as "exalted," meaning one of the best places in the universe for Jupiter to emit its powers! Yes, Jupiter will be oozing out the optimistic surprises that can nurture and activate whatever nature is  in you. So, use this phase as your gateway to a new freedom, because this is one of those times when caring is the answer.

As for places to spread your wings wider and expect a fortunate change, it is as follows: (Don't forget to read your sun and rising sign.)
Aries: Family, home and business -- laying down new foundations for solid long-term growth.
Taurus: Writing, learning and being part of a community that challenges you in good ways.
Gemini: Money, pampering and generosity are all places to positively express yourself.
Cancer: Explore new ideas, a new image and a new way of life. New is your black now.
Leo: Tap into your higher powers, let your imagination flow and share your wisdom. This is your time to get full on guru.
Virgo: Connect people, delve into cutting-edge technology and be part of a revolution! There is major power in numbers now.
Libra: Fame, authority and structure is your jackpot, so don't be scared to climb to new heights.
Scorpio: Adventure, spontaneity and worldly wisdom will factor into your life, changing it all up for the better.
Sagittarius: Intimacy, finances and transformations will be magical, expect the unexpected.
Capricorn: Teamwork, commitment and patience are beautiful skills that you'll learn how lucky you are to have and to give.
Aquarius: You'll master health, efficiency and service now. Finally, what you reap will be proportionate to what you've sown.
Pisces: Expressing your creativity, being confident and living for the romance of it all can be yours, just let it be.