Sunday, December 21, 2014

New Moon In Capricorn

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Seasonal discomfort is here, but relief is on its way! Yippee, yahoo for the upcoming Saturn transit from Scorpio to Sagittarius! As it stands, Saturn is not a planet that believes in ease. It’s about work, structure and paying your dues. Since October 5, 2012, it’s been in Scorpio and finally on Dec. 23 at 11:34pm EST, it will leave this difficult placement that was out to challenge power, sex, money and one’s own depth of soul. The heart-warming news is that at every Saturn cycle completion will come a reward, like a celebratory cosmic gift, in the same area that was under siege. So, as the season of giving hits its peak, know even the universe will in a more generous mood with a little something-something (read both your Sun and Rising sign too):

Aries: Getting money for your talents.
Taurus: A long-standing dispute will end.
Gemini: Health stresses ease up.
Cancer: Bursts of creative genius and courage arrive.
Leo: Family as your rock will have its possibilities.
Virgo: An intellectual reward, like graduation, scholarship or discovering a new skill is likely.
Libra: Stability in the material sense gets easier to manage.
Scorpio: Auspicious new beginnings.
Sagittarius: Gaining an inheritance, not necessarily a material one.
Capricorn: Luck in knowing who you know. Making money with friends.
Aquarius: A career coup is underway.
Pisces: An overseas opportunity will appear or one that deals with a culturally and spiritually enriching experience. 

Note: It doesn't have to be this exact day in which something monumental happens. It could be days to and fro this one, as it's a culmination of that energy and it could be spread out from this time.