Sunday, December 21, 2014

Sun Enters Capricorn: The Winter Solstice

Light it Up

No matter what you’re celebrating this time of year, having an excuse to kiss the one you love, like or lust-for is a bonus. So, hoorah for the mistletoe! As for nabbing who you want under it, here is what you can expect per sign:
Will want to initiate and lead, which means they’ll be dominant and intense. 
Taurus: Epically sensual. It’ll make you want more.  
Gemini: Short, sweet and spontaneous, with a bit of awkward playfulness. 
Cancer: Aggressive or affectionate. 
Leo: Knee-meltingly romantic. They always kiss, as if they’re madly in love.  
Virgo: They let you set the vibe and then follow. 
Libra: Elegant and likely not to go beyond rated PG. No tongue, but will have emotion in it.  
Scorpio: If people are in the room, a peck on the lips. If alone, it’ll end up with you both naked. 
Sagittarius: Get right to the action, as in groping will also be involved. 
Capricorn: Will appear sarcastic on the outside, but will provide a classy kiss that is passionate, but not over the top. 
Aquarius: Semi-aloof, as in don’t expect affection or any other PDA with it.  
Pisces: An all-consuming moment of magic to lock lips, hearts and souls.