Thursday, December 4, 2014

Mars Enters Aquarius

Perversion Trumps All

From today until January 12, 2015, your impulses will be veering to the left, as your brain and libido go haywire in a trippy way, with emotions detaching and new mental planes opening up. Yes, it’s a dawning of a new age — the transit of Mars into Aquarius, when wanting to explore theories, study humanity and create a new revolution is put on the agenda. Of course, in Mars style, it’ll also mean a sexual energy that ignites the more innovative side of you. So, to cue into that brilliance and power, realize getting your rocks off in high style will be a prerequisite to your motivation and for each sign, there are likely places to find their g-spot:

Aries: Technological sex — as in through the computer or with the latest sex gadgets, as it’ll be your geekier side that’ll want release too.
Taurus: Hitting up historical places will fuel your passions, as there will be something about ghosts past that won’t let you stop.
Gemini: Be in nature and get your grizzly-bear-love on, because it’s the smell of the forest or the scent of the sea spray that will drive you crazy now.
Cancer: Dark and scary will have an element of interest for you now, as in trying out a dangerous fetish or sneaking into a closet during a holiday party. Either or, a rush will come.
Leo: A good date is going to be necessary for you to drop your draws, even if you’ve been with your baby for 100 years. Yes, there will be something to classic courting now.
Virgo: Hit the gym with your baby or plan a workout together, because the pheromones will be intoxicating, as sweaty sex will be your ideal sex.
Libra: Going at it somewhere you may attract voyeurs will be your sort of sexy. Who knew the feel of having so many eyes on you could feel so good?
Scorpio: A place related to your career, like your office or in the boardroom, will be the power surge your ego and libido will be yearning for.
Sagittarius: Phone sex and getting a good tease is essential to your full satisfaction. When it comes to the foreplay, it’ll start with a hit of “send.” 
You’ll be feeling oddly more normal, in terms of your libido and not having to go far will be how you want it — as in the home court advantage of your bed.
Aquarius: You’ll be horny everywhere you go now, as your brain, body and spirit will be feeling a cosmic hype and making you at your most unpredictable. Mark your territory in new places.
Pisces: Returning to a location that has good sexual juju for you will work again. Believe that lighting can strike twice.