Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Mercury & Venus Conjunct In Aquarius

Itchy Cinephile 

Must-See Films For The Modern Eye, During This Progressing Conjunction...

Curse Of The Golden Flower
(Eye Candy Overload, Epic Drama; Of Course, The Flawless Gong Li!)

Life Itself -- Documentary of Robert Ebert's life. Inspirational.
Lady Sings The Blues --  Billie Holiday biopic, starring Diana Ross.
Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls --  Decadence 70s Hollywood cult-style.
School For Unclaimed Girls -- The title alone should sell this (and it's from 1969).
Mean Girls -- Never goes wrong.
Girl From1989. In pieces, but worth if for those teen girls that fell in love with musicians.
The Cradle Will Fall -- Give it one minute, you'll be sucked in.
Sing Blue Silver Duran Duran at their finest.
Enemy At The Gates -- Jude Law Hotness.