Sunday, January 4, 2015

Mercury Enters Aquarius

Unexpected Cleverness At Work

2015 is here, kicking off with a deluge of astrological aspects that focus on innovation and being open to new approaches to life and love. So, as you dream of how you want this year to play out and what resolutions you have to make, to make it so, keep in mind these cosmic forces are on your side and play to win:

Aries: Share your creativity with the world. This is when recognition can happen.
Taurus: Home, family and settling down into your turf is your lucky star.
Gemini: Expanding your knowledge via school, classes or travel will hit home harder now.
Cancer: Long-term investments and goals will have direction like never before.
Leo: New image changes will make your star power intense.
Virgo: Clean out the baggage and start on a clean slate.
Libra: New friendships and taking on group projects with purpose will be your gold.
Scorpio: Dream career moments are in reach, so make the effort to reach out higher.
Sagittarius: Traveling the world is a spiritual journey that can change everything now.
Capricorn: Getting in tune with your sexiness in a more obvious way will revolutionize your love life.
Aquarius: Commitments and partnerships that you can rely on will fill your heart.
Pisces: Fitness goals and getting into peak condition is your power in 2015.