Monday, January 12, 2015

Mars Enters Pisces

Have An Escape Plan
Emotions are running high. Add Mars entering Pisces today at 5:20 AM EST and expect the energy to get even more passionate, extreme and scattered. The motivation planet in dreamy Pisces do not mix well. It will bring a new order to things -- one in which feelings, sentiment, energy and transcendence all get the final say. Yes, this may mean needing to plunge into your vices and finding the closest trap door to fly away. However, going over that unknown horizon might just be the miracle you'll be looking for, as anything and everything can happen when such two different powers collide.

As for where, per sign, to find the release lever:
Aries: Dancing, sleeping and daydreaming
Taurus: Socializing & networking, volunteering and geeking out with technology.
Gemini: Working, indulging in luxuries and being the boss.
Cancer: Competing, communing with nature and owning the truth.
Leo: Sex, sharing secrets and making big investments.
Virgo: Committing, enjoying partnerships and standing up for justice.
Libra: Exercise, being with a pet and making sure you're right.
Scorpio: Love, creativity and dressing up.
Sagittarius: Home decor, family and saving money.
Capricorn: Being part of your community, learning new skills and exploring.
Aquarius: Shopping, vegging and sharing.
Pisces: Being first/trying as many new things as possible, pampering and initiating.