Tuesday, January 20, 2015

New Moon In Aquarius

Feel The Flower Power

Today, the Sun not only enters Aquarius, but there is also a New Moon in Aquarius! This means tons of the quirky energy will disperse into the air. Yes, what drives this intellectual sign that symbolizes friendship, innovation and humanity will be what sets the tone now. This is a time to think, “We,” instead of, “Me,” and work your two cents in how the world can be a better place, if even only in your consciousness.

As for 5 ways to get your Aquarius power on:
·      Get involved in a cause! Aquarius is the sign of revolution and brotherhood, so jump into a movement you believe in or start one up. Be part of something!
·      Learn about new technological advances. Although there is a Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius coming on January 21st, there is never a bad time to get your brain pumping to master efficiency via cutting-edge methods. However, wait for the Retrograde to end, before buying new techno gadgets.
·      Reach out to people. Whether it’s a poke or calling up an old friend, this is the time to enjoy camaraderie and bond with your fellow humans.
·      Aquarians take a unique approach to everything, including sex. As the freak sign of the zodiac, get into the Aquarian groove by testing out new sex toys. As the sign that also rules electricity, time to be buzzing with new vibrations.
·      There is an eclectic vibe to spirituality, when it comes to an Aquarian’s path to empowerment. Incorporate something new age into your routines, like meditating with crystals or going to a sweat lodge. When it comes to feeling this sign, it’s all about being part of a collective unconscious.