Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Mercury Retrograde In Aquarius

Turning Convention On It's Head

Retrograde — the word that breeds fear into many. After all, it means losing more control of the little we have. Yes, the universe has a certain way of ping-ponging the energies in our lives to keep us on our toes, but none as aggravating as the one known as Mercury Retrograde. Plus, when it is in Aquarius, the sign that rules technology, you can expect this one to be one humdinger of a roller coaster ride that has no rhyme or reason. However, is there cause to fear? Not if you’re prepared!

To circumvent the anguish that is Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius, foolproof your life to make this calamity work for you:
·      Ever dream of being off the grid? Make this your chance, but do it staycation style. With Mercury ruling commuting, trips of any sort can be plagued with misadventure. Best to kill it at home with candles, books, your baby and a stockpile of snacks that can last you for days. Not only effective in realigning your chi, but being a bit green during this cosmically kooky time will score points in the world of karma.
·      Technology isn’t complete trash during this time. In fact, social media accounts you’ve been off or video games you use to play can have a renaissance now, as in logging in those old passwords and rediscovering a world you’ve left behind.
·      Aquarius rules friendships and in honor of a retrograde, be proactive by being the one to reach out to anyone from your past you’ve been thinking of apologizing to or to reconnect. Whichever the motive, a Mercury Retrograde is your rip-in-time to set relationships with history back on track.
·      Stop and edit your masterpieces. Instead of pushing to get past creative blocks, avoid anything new. Best to perfect what you have. Retrograde periods are for tightening drums and discarding red herrings. Yes, work with what you’ve got.
·      Allow yourself to be non-committal. The world will be operating at wonk level and so no matter how hard you try to resist, it won’t change. Be vague and explore. If you can avoid signing any dotted line until post-retrograde, then you’ll be playing to win.