Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Mercury Goes Direct In Gemini

Look Ahead!

With the pesky retrogrades of the entire year finally coming to a soft pause, this is the time to put plans into order for some paradise! From my blogpost from astrology.com, Star Studded Vacation Ideas. How to make the most of your summer--as it actually is just starting now.

"Summer is here and it’s all about vacation. While you might not have the budget of a celebrity, you can still have the same kind of fun, as there is no limit to the fun or romance this season, if you plan right.

Fire Signs
Aries (Sarah Jessica-Parker)
Leo (Jennifer Lawrence)
Sagittarius (Brad Pitt)
This is your summer to be as quirky as you want to be, as you want to get to the party before everyone else gets there. Yes, you’re a trendsetter that likes to place your flag first and claim those bragging rights. Places left of center is your idea of fun: Beaches of Croatia, Casinos of Monaco or The Underwater Hotel of Dubai.

Air Signs
Gemini (Kanye West)
Libra (Kim Kardashian)
Aquarius (Ashton Kutcher)
This is your summer to learn and venture to places that hold a historical significance to the world or to you personally, like visiting your family’s homeland. However far and wide you wish to go, knowledge is what you’ll cherish most about what you experience, so go for the gusto and get deep. Ideas: Greece, Israel or Grand Canyon.

Water Signs
Cancer (Sofia Vergara)
Scorpio (Leonardo DiCaprio)
Pisces (Justin Bieber)
This is your summer for spiritual awakening, as its time to reboot your mind and body with a new understanding of yourself in this world. This will require going solo or with your honey, as less will be more now for you — in terms of energies you want to deal with. Places to visit: Nepal, Easter Island, or Teotihuacan, Mexico.

Earth Signs
Taurus (Cher)
Virgo (Beyoncé)
Capricorn (Kate Middleton)
This is your summer for enjoying beauty and going some place to take in stunning vistas and relax. If course, as an earth sign, you will also like to have a little physical challenge to get to the best — as in places that require hikes or some sort of adventure to get its paradise. Ideas: Alaska, Machu Picchu or Patagonia."