Friday, July 25, 2014

Mars Enters Scorpio

Welcome To The Dark Side

After 8 months of Mars in peace-loving, goody-goody Libra, finally, the universe shakes it up with Mars, the planet of ambition, sex and war, entering Scorpio, the sign of sex, death and transformation. 

From today until September 13th, there will be an all-or-nothing drive to everything that matters -- as in only seeing two options: do or die. Luckily, it'll mean easily knowing what truly matters. However, to make it yours, you will have to step closer to the edge, farther into your dark side. Not to say it is evil, but it will be intense, as it'll only be the two extremes of yourself: your inner demon and diva, that will have any say.

As for where these areas of metamorphosis will occur or where to best focus your energies into:
Aries: Selling your talents, fueling your sex life and holding tighter to secrets.
Taurus: Making commitments, finding the beauty in you and setting injustices right.
Gemini: Perfecting your body, reducing wastefulness and working well with others.
Cancer: Being a fool for love, expressing yourself creatively and being a star.
Leo: Setting down deeper foundations, dealing with family and bolstering your security.
Virgo: Learning about your neighbors, testing your intellect and enjoying your dirtier side.
Libra: Investing in your comfort, knowing how to enjoy life and reprioritizing your values.
Scorpio: Feeling invincible, conquering new turf and annihilating enemies.
Sagittarius: Using daydreams as your muse, healing and remembering.
Capricorn: Sharing your humanity, being inventive and soaring up a social ladder.
Aquarius: Gaining authority, experiencing career shifts and building on tradition.
Pisces: Becoming a citizen of
the world, feeding your spirituality and accepting the truth.