Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Venus enters Cancer

Feeling good from the inside out.

Image pillaged from dlisted.
We all have a needy baby inside of us, a persona that needs to be swaddled to death by security -- and unfortunately its not usually a side of us that we can control. The hairy beast comes out when it wants and when it does, it means surrendering to our vulnerabilities.


So, keep this in mind, as the ground will feel as if its bottoming out, making emotions go into overload and have you feeling as if you have to white knuckle the edges of your life to keep from falling. Sure, this can be an amazing experience, but it'll mean work and intensity -- so don't skip off into the rainbows cluelessly.

Bottom line: be on guard for freak outs from now until September 6, 10:48pm, as Venus (the planet that is all about the sweet), enters Cancer, the sign of sensitivity (on the positive, it means a powerful healer; on the negative, a self-centered victim) and can have you feeling as if your guts are exposed for all the world to see. However, who and what comes to your rescue, wait and see... The truth of who really has your back will get answered now. So buckle up, as you journey out, onto the spectrum of your emotions, blasting you off into reality in a majorly visceral way.

As for the areas in your life to take note of the emotional meltdowns and triumphs, here they are:

Aries: Family, home, and your integrity
Taurus: Community, siblings, and virtual associations
Gemini: Possessions, underlings, and teachers
Cancer: Idols, aspirations and intuition
Leo: Ancestry, karma and the past
Virgo: Your future, peers, and your humanity
Libra: Career, status and responsibilities
Scorpio: Truth, morals and idealism
Sagittarius: Money, secrets, and sexual conquests
Capricorn: Commitments, protocol, and opponents
Aquarius: Pets, obligation and health
Pisces: Children, love interests, and your ego