Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Mercury goes direct in Leo


If you feel like you've been sitting in a big pile of poo since mid-July, it's because you have -- it's called Mercury retrograde and when it happens in Leo, like this time around, it means an extra side of drama to go with your lesson in humility.

Likely, these last few weeks have tossed you a few weird blows that made you have to reconsider something major, confusing you to no end. Well, the good news is that today, the misery will start to subside and whatever frayed edges you have left will start to straighten up, as set-backs you faced will work itself into a more linear manner and have you back on track by August 22, the day in which Mercury will return to the degree it was before it hit pause and reverse.... But whatever disasters that remain past that date will leave you with only yourself to blame, so work fast as of today to sweep those issues out the door and move ahead!