Saturday, August 18, 2012

New Moon in Leo Day 2

Laced Glamour: Nailed

Glamour is undone without Miss Pop, who always nails down any look! Lucky for me she is a good friend and lives in my hood too. For today, I stopped in for her to work her brilliance via a dose of reality in our chit chat and beautiful tips to point me in a new direction.
The inspiration: saddle shoes. Click on last pic to get a closer look.

P.S. I worship at the Salon of Miss Pop! She totally made me a convert! I was not a nail polish wearer at all. I OD-ed on it as a tiny child, as it was the only make-up I was allowed to wear and from the ages of 4-10 I always had my nails the point I noticed they were turning yellow. Since then it also felt funny to have anything on my nails, it was a psychological thing...Well, now look at me?  Miss Pop and her crazy cute nails cured me! So, XOXO to Miss Pop for getting me back to where I belong.